Venture Funded Business of the Year 2017: Meet the finalists

Be inspired by these young businesses who have already raised significant sums from investors and are competing for the haymacintyre-presented title

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Cornerstone is a men’s subscription service specialising in razors and shaving products. The London start-up has raised over £8m in investment, including a £3.5m funding round in August, to cater to its membership of over 145,000 and is now looking to expand its offering to include vitamins, hair wax and dental care.

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Decibel Insight

Decibel Insight, which closed a $9m Series A venture funding round in May of this year, specialises in creating technology that reinvents the way digital teams measure, create and optimises digital experiences. A SaaS and on-premise solution, it is able to capture smart metrics about on-page experience including mouse movements, device rotations, reading and scroll distance. 

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 EatFirst is a premium online restaurant which creates healthy, quality meals for delivery. It offers over 100 different dishes and has delivered more than 300,00 meals to date, supported by over $8m in funding. Over 30% of the platform’s revenue is generated from supplying directly to offices; it has provided food to JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and WeWork employees.

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Goodlord is an online property rental platform which digitises the moving-in process, using e-signatures and online money collection, enabling it to cut costs and admin for agents, whilst improving the quality of service that tenants and landlords receive. In March of this year, the start-up raised £7.2m to support more renters.

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Habito is free online mortgage broker which has created a database of over 20,000 products from over 70 lenders across the market in real time, allowing it to recommend the best possible deal for every mortgage applicant. The proptech start-up recently raised a £5.5m Series A funding round to offer new services such as real-time mortgage approvals.

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Hometree is a boiler and insulation company which has a unique USP in that it offers video calls to engineers. Launched in September 2016, the start-up has raised more than £2.5m from venture capital firms to enable homeowners to receive online advice from a fully-trained Gas Safe engineer, in a non-pressured environment at a convenient time for them.

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Simba Sleep

Simba Sleep is an e-commerce mattress company, backed by over £3om in funding, which delivers its hybrid mattress direct to your door compressed in a box. Said to be the first dual spring and memory foam mattress of its kind in the UK, Simba has sold more than 70,000 mattresses across Europe while offering users a 100 day trial period.


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Trouva is an online marketplace for bricks-and-mortar independent retailers. It features products from thousands of unique boutiques across the UK handpicked by its team, including unique homeware, fashion and lifestyle items. Launched in 2015, retail business has closed some $3.8m in funding as it looks to expand to Europe in 2018.

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