People’s Champion finalist 2017: ((BOUNCE))

This mini trampoline workout franchise is bringing rebounding into the 21st century – Does it get your vote for People’s Champion 2017?

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Start-up name: ((BOUNCE))
Founder: Kimberlee Perry
Started in: 2014
Based in: Essex
Business description: Mini trampoline fitness franchise

Shortlisted categories:

Women in Business Award

The ((BOUNCE)) story:

Rebounding – the low impact workout performed on a mini trampoline – has been around since the 1980’s, but Essex-based ((BOUNCE)) has ditched the stabiliser handbars and brought it bouncing into present day.

Kimberlee Perry started the business in 2014 after the arrival of motherhood left her struggling to find a suitable exercise programme that would help her regain the level of physical fitness she had enjoyed before the birth of her son.

((BOUNCE)) is a fitness class that sees its participants put through a series of choregraphed dance routines on mini trampolines. The all-body workout can help develop firmer and more toned muscles and burn up to 700 calories per session.

What started as a solo operation, with Perry teaching one class in Parringdon sports centre, quickly grew by word of mouth, growth that encouraged the the entrepreneur to establish ((BOUNCE)) as a franchise. By the end of 2016, Perry’s franchise model had attracted over 30 instructors to become franchisees.

Today, ((BOUNCE)) has 100 franchisees operating from 115 studios and with more than 26,000 people participating in classes every month. Perry insists the franchise couldn’t have achieved its rate of growth had it not been for its network of franchisees “who deliver the product to the highest possible standard.”

Familiar with the struggles of fitness and motherhood, Perry recently introduced a series of child-friendly trampoline classes, allowing parents to bring children of all ages to class with them.

Not wanting to stand still (pun-intended), Perry has continued to ((BOUNCE))’s offering with weights-based, yoga, and circuits – ensuring there’s always something new to try for fitness enthusiasts to try.

Why ((BOUNCE)) made our shortlist:

Having launched in Perry’s native Australia in August this year, ((BOUNCE))’s growth from solo operation in Harlow to international franchise has been incredible. The company is already capitalising on its popularity with the introduction of branded merchandise and is set to make the business “even more international” in the near future through its accessible online training and worldwide distribution of its mini trampolines.

More inspiring still, Perry has created employment opportunities by supporting over 100 franchisees – many of these budding female entrepreneurs – to run their own ((BOUNCE)) businesses and become trampolining instructors.

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