People’s Champion finalist 2017: Driver Hire (Guildford)

With no industry experience, franchisee Richard Bradshaw has built a seven-figure revenue business. Is he your People's Champion pick?

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Start-up name: Driver Hire (Guildford)
Franchisee: Richard Bradshaw
Started in: October 2014
Based in: Guildford
Business description: Transport logistics provider for the public and private sector

Shortlisted category:

Franchisee of the Year

The Driver Hire story:

Typical business advice warns against starting a business in an industry you have no knowledge of and yet for Driver Hire Guildford franchisee Richard Bradshaw – who had no previous experience of either recruitment or road transport – this has not been to his detriment. If anything, his lack of industry know-how has worked in his favour.

Having spent 10 years’ working in the Florida hospitality industry, Bradshaw was forced to move back to the UK after the global financial crisis and DeepWater Horizon oil spill in Mexico impacted his hotel bookings and property valuations.

With few financial assets to his name, Bradshaw sought to find a business opportunity that would provide him with the opportunity to make back the money he’d lost while providing potential for growth.

He came across the Driver Hire franchise and, in 2013, decided to seize the opportunity to become a franchisee for the transport and logistics recruitment brand. Asserting that “failure wasn’t an option”, Bradshaw has quickly grown his business to achieve in excess of £1m turnover, and now employs three staff.

Of course, turnover is only one half of a start-up success story.

Alongside the “challenge of being his own boss”, Bradshaw reports that he has used franchising to tap into greater rewards and has “quickly moved into profit” – boasting six figure sums.

The UK’s largest specialist supplier, Driver Hire provides temporary and permanent drivers and other logistics staff to local and national organisations in both the public and private sector. If they’re short of staff – perhaps because of illness, holidays or seasonal demand – Driver Hire will supply them with a suitable replacement.

Currently, Bradshaw finds works for between 60 to 70 drivers every week, supplying around 30 clients ranging from local businesses through to major nationals such as Royal Mail and DHL.

Why Driver Hire made our shortlist:

A great advert for the potential rewards offers by becoming a franchisee, Richard Bradshaw has quickly built a highly profitable franchise business from scratch, and with no industry knowledge.

Supporting employment for hundreds of drivers every month and with turnover having consecutively exceeded £1m, Bradshaw tells us he’s now on course to boost revenues further. Driver Hire Guildford is a sustainable business and we’re inspired by Bradshaw, who has been a driving force in leading its early success.

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