People’s Champion finalist 2017: Glentham Life Sciences

Does the Wiltshire business supplying chemicals to research institutions get your Startups Awards People's Champion 2017 vote?

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Start-up name: Glentham Life Sciences
Founders: Nicholas Zieleniewski and Samuel White
Started in: July 2013
Based in: Wiltshire
Business description: Supplier of fine chemicals, raw materials, reagents and life science products

Shortlisted category:

Export Business of the Year

The Glentham Life Sciences story:

Founded in 2013, Glentham Life Sciences supplies fine chemicals, raw materials, reagents and life science products for businesses and institutions involved in research and production.

Founded in Wimbledon by school friends Nicholas Zieleniewski and Samuel White, the duo went their separate ways for university (going to University of Southampton and Durham University respectively) before going into business together.

Launching the start-up using only personal savings and a small loan from The Start Up Loans Company, the duo aimed to combined their expertise to deliver high quality, fully documented chemical products to a range of industries and academia worldwide.

Zieleniewski, who has a Masters in Physics, coded the company’s IT systems from scratch while White, who has a BSc in Biology, coded the website design from scratch.

Selling its products via its own website, data on each product, as well as batch-specific test results, is collected and provided to consumers in an easily accessible format – ensuring maximum transparency.

Having outgrown its original rented premises in Wimbledon, Glentham Life Sciences relocated in 2015 to Corsham, Wiltshire, where it purchased its own business unit to support growing customer demand and company growth.

A fast-growing exporter, 95% of Glentham Life Sciences’ sales are exported with Germany, Switzerland and the United States the business’ three biggest customers.

Why Glentham Life Sciences made our shortlist:

Recently receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category for outstanding short-term growth, Glentham Life Sciences’ incredible export portfolio is a shining light during uncertain economic times.

Conducting the overwhelming majority of their business overseas, and in a very scientific sector, Nicholas Zieleniewski and Samuel White’s expertise combined with business acumen impressed our judges no end.

Where to find out more about Glentham Life Sciences:

Twitter: @GlenthamLS

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