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People’s Champion finalist 2017: Infinity Trampoline Park

Putting Wales on the start-up map is indoor trampolining business Infinity. Can it jump to the top as your People's Champion favourite?

Start-up name: Infinity Trampoline Park
Founders: David Montgomery & Taran Campbell
Started in: July 2015
Based in: Cardiff
Business description: Indoor trampolining facility

Shortlisted category:

The Start Up Loans Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Year

The Infinity Trampoline Park story:

Founders David Montgomery and Taran Campbell have big plans for their freestyle sports-inspired indoor trampoline parks, with their sights set on the European market.

Opening their first site in August 2015, their start-up Infinity Trampoline Park has quickly established itself as a leading recreation and leisure facility in Cardiff and throughout the wider South Wales region.

Montgomery and Campbell initially opened the business in a smaller park on an industrial estate in Cardiff, however they soon became overwhelmed by the sheer amount of business they were attracting, quickly realising that a move to a larger park was needed.

The entrepreneurial duo managed to raise the capital required for the move and relocated to a larger nearby site – twice the size of the old one.The move was a huge success,  with the park seeing a record number of ‘open jumps’ and a record turnover for a one month period.

The move has also provided the space for the pair to ensure customers are getting the best experience possible, with new facilities such as a front of house and locker area, party rooms and seating areas for private events and families.

In addition to their existing Cardiff and Inverness sites, Mongomery and Campbell are now looking to expand – but not just in the UK.

Whilst the pair expect to open one more site in Wales, they believe greater business opportunities lie internationally and have their sights set on a new location in Alicante, Spain, next to one of the country’s largest higher education institutes.

Why the Infinity Trampoline Park made our shortlist:

With such a clear, and driven, business plan to expand not just in the UK but internationally, and such great success during their early stages of opening their first site in Cardiff to their new, larger site, it’s hard not to be impressed by Montgomery and Campbell’s work to make trampolining as common as say a visit to the cinema or a local restaurant.

With a focus on quality and unique experiences, the Infinity Trampoline Park looks to have a buoyant future.

Where to find out more about Infinity Trampoline Park:

Website: infinitycardiff.co.uk
Twitter: @InfinityTpark


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