People’s Champion finalist 2017: Look Fabulous Forever

Competing to take the title of People's Champion 2017, meet the pro-age makeup brand targeting the over-50s...

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Start-up name: Look Fabulous Forever
Founder: Tricia Cusden
Started in: 2013
Based in: London
Business description: Pro-age makeup brand

Shortlisted categories:

Women in Business Award

The Look Fabulous Forever story:

Tricia Cusden’s make-up tutorials have amassed more than four million views between them on YouTube – not bad for a 65-year-old entrepreneur on a platform better known for its millennial stars.

Cusden started Look Fabulous Forever (LFF) to fill the underserved over-55 market after becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of products available for older skin.

Rather than promoting anti-ageing products, the company’s philosophy is pro-age, only using real, un-airbrushed women in its images and videos. For a brand aimed at the older generation, it’s surprising how important a role social media has played: LFF credits Facebook as having a pivotal role in its growth developing a 150,000-strong community of like-minded women who support its aims and ideas.

Its pro-age philosophy doesn’t end with advertising – it extends its pro-age activity to campaigning for greater visibility for older people both in the work place and in society in general. In fact, its employees are majority those aged over 50 (its customer services team has an average age of 52 and one of its make-up artist is in her early 60s).

LFF’s impressive roster of ambassadors includes novelist Sandra Howard, actress Annette Badland, High Court Judge Lady Justice Anne Rafferty, and the ex-High Mistress of St Pauls’ Girls School, Clarissa Farr.

Why Look Fabulous Forever made our shortlist:

LFF has seized the opportunity to capitalise on a woefully underserved market and the figures speak for themselves: the start-up has 27,000 customers across the UK, the US and Australia.

Currently, 25% of its sales go to the US and it’s looking to grow this significantly over the next 12 months. With 50% of the UK expected to be over 50 by 2020, LFF’s unique offering is in prime position to meet demand – Cusden has created a challenger make-up brand that’s one to watch.

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