People’s Champion finalist 2017: Pacific Seafood

The frozen seafood business which supplies restaurants and caterers in the congestion zones of London is competing to be your People's Champion...

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Start-up name: Pacific Seafood
Founders: Mohammad Naved Siddiqui and Sufiya Siddiqui
Started in: May 2015
Based in: London
Business description: Frozen seafood distributor

Shortlisted category:

The Start Up Loans Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Year

The Pacific Seafood story:

Almost a central debating point in the EU referendum of 2016, the UK has long been proud of its fishing industry – with the nation’s favorite fish and chips adorning postcards and placards in tourists shops across the country.

A country of seafood lovers for sure, it’s estimated the UK public eat around 380,000 tonnes of the stuff every year – with 28% of the Great British public eating fish for dinner at least twice a week.

Every increasing in popularity, the benefits of regularly eating fish are well documented.

High in protein, low in fat, and containing a range of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, fish has seen a resurgence among the younger gym-going generation, who are impressed by its healthy credentials and versatility on the dinner plate or in the lunch box.

Founded by Mohammad Naved Siddiqui and Sufiya Siddiqui in April 2015 in the yard of a garage, seafood specialists Pacific Seafood supply frozen goods to a range of restaurants, catering companies, retail stores and football clubs. 

Having now expanded into a larger dedicated premises, the husband and wife team have gone from working alone to managing 10 full time employees – and boast a turnover of over £2.5m a year. 

Starting with just one customer and one product, the duo now sell to over 150 clients with more than 300 products. 

Having previously worked in the service industry, Naved had his light bulb moment after speaking to a close friend, also a restaurateur, about how their business was struggling with its seafood supply.

Unlike many competitors, the food start-up delivers to the congestion zone in London as well as city restaurants six-days-a-week.

Its extensive range of seafood includes exotic offerings such as black tiger prawns, Asian seabass, barracuda, baby octopus and yellowtail.

While all the old favourites such as whiting, coldwater prawns, crab and mackerel are there as well.

Having recently expanded into fresh seafood, frozen vegetables and other dry goods, we have a feeling that Pacific Seafood will be making waves for years to come.

Why Pacific Seafood made our shortlist:

Committed to supplying its customers with the finest quality seafood at the best possible prices, Pacific Seafood is certainly holding its own in a domestic seafood market worth approximately £5.65bn.

Where to find out more about Pacific Seafood:

Twitter:  @pacific_seafood

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