People’s Champion finalist 2017: PACK’D

Will this nutritious frozen smoothie brand clinch your vote for People’s Champion?

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Start-up name: PACK’D
Luke Johnstone and Alex Stewart
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Frozen smoothie kits

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The Start Up Loans Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Year

The PACK’D story:

Struggling to find reliable sources of nutrition that would fit into his busy working life, ‘everyday athlete’ Luke Johnstone and schoolfriend Alex Stewart set out to create a genuinely healthy and “no nonsense” smoothie brand.

They enlisted a nutritionist to help them develop three 100% natural, non-GM, paleo, vegan recipes: Energy, Detox and Defence. Startups 100-featured PACK’D’s smoothies each contain six precisely portioned fruit and veg (which are flash-frozen to lock in nutrients and remove the need for additives), as well as four superfood boosters, with approximately 1/5 of the sugar content of your average bottled juice or smoothie.

They take under one minute to prepare – all the consumer has to do is add their preferred choice of liquid and blitz it up – have a two-year shelf life and are under 100 calories.

Two years after launch, PACK’D smoothies are available in more than 1,100 stores nationwide including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Ocado, Planet Organic, Iceland Food Warehouse and Amazon Fresh, and a number of food service outlets such as Compass and Brakes.

Bolstered by the clear demand for its product, PACK’D is already hard at work on developing its next range: three performance-focused nutrition kits designed to be blended with water and milk. Designed in conjunction with elite sports nutritionists, they will each contain protein, superfoods and fruit & veg mix, and have just 1/3 the sugar content of a bottled drink.

Why PACK’D made our shortlist:

PACK’D is bringing added convenience and reduced waste to the estimated 28% of people in the UK who like to make fresh juices and smoothies at home (according to Mintel), whilst its innovative flash-freeze process ensures a consistently nutritious product for those who like to keep their eye on what goes into their body.

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