People’s Champion finalist 2017: Play Consulting

The digital product studio using gaming knowledge to help individuals build positive behaviours – is it your People’s Champion?

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Start-up name: Play Consulting
Marcus Thornley
Started in: 2014
Based in:
Business description:
Digital product innovation studio

Shortlisted category:

Service Business of the Year

The Play Consulting story:

A finalist for Service Business of the Year at last year’s Startups Awards, digital product studio Play Consulting returns to the prestigious competition after a solid year of growth and achievements.

Marcus Thornley founded Startups 100-featured Play Consulting in 2014 on the belief that game techniques could be used to help people create habits that resulted in more happy and successful lives – not just to trade money for virtual candy….

Its consultancy arm works exclusively with large corporates to change the way they work, stay fit, and learn, while its IP division uses gaming knowledge – its team of 22 includes alumni from from EA, PopCap, Mind Candy, Glu, and Lionhead to name a few – to build products that encourage users to build positive behaviours. Although separate, both arms benefit each other, with consultancy funding IP and IP driving work to the consultancy side.

Just over three years old, Play Consulting has already established partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the UK including Bupa, PwC, Santander, Thames Water, The Daily Mail, and KPMG.

Its first internal product Totem is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that is aiming to change the way mobile workforces communicate and stay productive. It has now rolled out to Vodafone, Bupa Care Homes, Pizza Hut, PwC, TNT, Leeds Building Society, and Cambian but “this is only the beginning…”. Play Consulting wants to completely change the way businesses are created and run, driving greater team autonomy, businesses success and individual happiness at work.

Why Play Consulting made our shortlist:

Play Consulting’s mission statement is simple but compelling: “to deliver digital products that help individuals make great decisions and build positive behaviours”. It’s an offering that has already secured some of the biggest business names in the country and is sure to attract more as the company continues to grow

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