People’s Champion finalist 2017: SaltDNA

Has the Belfast-based cybersecurity firm got what it takes to be your Startups Awards People’s Champion?

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Start-up name: SaltDNA
Joe Boyle, Jonny Blair, Patrick Keehan, Colm Dougan, and Kevin Donaghy
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Business description:
Cyber security company building enterprise mobile communication solutions

Shortlisted category:

Export Business of the Year

The SaltDNA story:

The growing threat of cybercrime means businesses need ever-more substantial means to protect themselves. The absent click of a button can result in untold damages to businesses of all sizes including lost revenue, lost information and a compromised reputation.

One such firm developing protection measures is Belfast-based SaltDNA: a Cybersecurity 500 company that builds secure enterprise mobile communications solutions enabling “voice, messaging, conference calling and image transfer for busy executives, who need to make important decisions while on the move”.

It claims that its software solution enables absolute privacy in mobile communications and uses multi-layered encryption techniques to meet the “highest of security standards”.

Its customers constitute some of the largest companies in the world including oil and gas, security services, enterprise executives, legal firms and government bodies; and in the last 12 months alone, it has seen rapid growth, expanding its partner programme to the US, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, UK, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, UAE, Switzerland and Spain.

This growth has been won thanks to SaltDNA’s unique offering that only deals with enterprises and tailors its products and services specifically to that market.

Available as a cloud-based service or an on-premise installation within private infrastructure, customers can deploy the software to suit their needs.

On top of this, SaltDNA offers many features that are exclusive to the market, with message/call content archival, closed user groups, file/image transfer, burn functionality (meaning messages can be removed from both the sender’s and receiver’s devices) by either party regardless of where it originated) and 24/7 support.

Why SaltDNA made our shortlist:

In the first two quarters of 2017, this Belfast company saw 800% growth in sales in comparison with the same period in 2016 – evidence that SaltDNA has what it takes to the swelling demand for its increasingly crucial service.

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