People’s Champion finalist 2017: Sleek Brows

The beauty business providing "3D brow building" to solve a time-consuming issue many women face, but is it your People's Champion?

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Start-up name: Sleek Brows
Kintija Belska and Monika Ludwiczak
Started in:
October 2013
Based in:
Business description:
Beauty business that provides eyebrow manicures and treatments

Shortlisted categories:

Export Business of the Year, Women in Business Award

The Sleek Brows story:

One of the life’s genuine struggles, attempting to get your brows ‘on fleek’ for a night out with the girls or for that all-important Instagram post can be a truly hazardous endeavour.

Between pencilling in your eyebrows every day, tinting them every couple of weeks, or turning to full blown permanent make-up, results can be short lived, or worse, long-lasting but with no dimension whatsoever.

But not anymore. Founded by beauty entrepreneurs Kintija Belska and Monika Ludwiczak, Sleek Brows offers 3D brow building and has two main forms of treatment, Sleek Brows and EverlastingBrows.

The ‘Sleek Brows’ concept is a non-invasive procedure which involves an application of sculptured eyebrow paint that has the capacity to imitate real eyebrow hairs, and which will last for up to three weeks. A treatment Sleek Brows claims was non-existent in the industry before their innovation.

The second, EverlastingBrows is an invasive procedure that, using a blade and sculpting paint, imitates hair strokes in the basal layer of epidermis, creating realistic results lasting for 18 months. A result that Sleek Brows say is “gentler than permanent make-up”.

Flying 800,000 miles in a year to satisfy the interest of setting up new training centres across the world, 300,000 of these treatments were carried out in 2015.

Receiving coverage in the likes of Grazia, Harpers Bazaar, OK, Latvian Forbes and the Daily Mail, Sleek Brow’s wide reach isn’t confined to the pages of beauty magazines, as the start-up counts the US as its largest market.

Having bootstrapped their business to date, and operating in an industry estimated to be worth $675bn by 2020, Kintija Belska and Monika Ludwiczak are raising eyebrows in the all the right ways.

Why Sleek Brows made our shortlist:

An innovative idea that’s truly gone global, Kintija Belska and Monika Ludwiczak’s long distance travels, intense research and commitment to their craft has seen them become pioneers within their industry.

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