People’s Champion finalist 2017: SoAmpli

Boasting 100% client retention rates, does this automated social media marketing and sales platform get your People's Champion vote?

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Start-up name: SoAmpli
Founders: Maz Nadjm and Karel Leeflang
Started in: January 2015
Based in: London
Business description: Automated social media marketing and sales platform

Shortlisted category:

Tech Business of the Year

The SoAmpli story:

SoAmpli’s award-winning Sales as a Service (SaaS) platform combines both human and artificial intelligence to provide the best content for businesses to share across social media, connecting them with relevant prospects.

SoAmpli was launched in early 2015 after founders Maz Nadjm and Kareel Leeflang identified a gap in the market for social media marketing.

Since that time, their client list has grown to a 50+ strong list of blue-chip clients including the British Heart Foundation, Age UK and KPMG. Their client retention rate after six months? 100%.

What the platform boils down to is relatively simple; it enables business to reach more prospects, but costs less than if the business were to do it themselves.

The success of this can be routed to its founders’ experience – Nadjm is the former head of social media at Oglivy Group UK and, before that, in charge of Sky’s online social marketing strategy, whilst Leeflang is the former director of HR at Barclays.

The pair’s dedication to their client’s success is very clear – 40% of SoAmpli’s features have been suggested by clients, demonstrating the platform’s integration with clients and its clear focus on development.

Why SoAmpli made our shortlist:

Set to double their first six months of sales by the end of 2017, and with an ever-growing, 100% retention list of clients, business shows no sign of slowing for SoAmpli.

Their sizeable list of accolades includes being an IBM Top 5 finalist and prize winner, BT Infinity Lab’s finalist and prize winner and the winner of Eurostar’s start-up challenge 2017 in Paris.

Global advertising spend as of 2017 has just reached £380bn and is growing by 3% to 4% year-on-year, so the future looks bright for SoAmpli. 

Where to find out more about SoAmpli:

Twitter: @SoAmpli

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