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Decibel Insight

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Start-up name: Decibel Insight
Founders: Benjamin Harris and Timothy de Paris
Started in: 2013
Based in: London
Business description: Digital experience analytics

Creating, and maintaining, a great website that is easy for customers to navigate takes work.

But with the aid of solutions and metrics like those provided by Decibel Insight, understanding how visitors behave on your website, where errors are occurring, and what you can do to solve them, website development and maintenance becomes a simple process.

Representing the dawn of a new era in digital customer experience, our Tech Business of the Year 2017 winner uses dozens of cutting-edge experience metrics and algorithmically-detected user behaviours to give you the full picture of the customer experience on your website.

Features offered include advanced heatmaps, visitor session replay, and behavioural detection.

For instance, by using machine-learning algorithms, Digital Insight learns what a ‘normal’ user experience on your website looks like and then automatically alerts you to anything that falls outside of it.

Four years since launch and the company’s tech offering is used by huge names including British Airways, River Island, Tesco, Lego, Toys R Us, Lexis Nexis, EE… the list goes on!

This client portfolio is proof that Decibel Insight has created a product that delivers. In fact, Lexis Nexis has reported a 77% increase in conversions and an 81% boost to revenue, while River Island has reported a 6.5% increase in conversions and an increase of more than 23% on ROI.

While Decibel Insight earnt our judges favour as category winner, tech businesses Tech Essence – a SaaS-based martech provider – and TruRating – the mass point-of-payment consumer rating system – won judges votes as Highly Commended and Commended Tech Business of the Year respectively.

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