Angus Elphinstone:

The online transport marketplace allowing users to “move anything, anywhere”

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Angus Elphinstone, 32

Every so often a business crosses your path that’s so ingeniously simple you can’t quite believe you didn’t think of it first – enter AnyVan. The online transport marketplace for courier and delivery services enables users to connect with certified businesses/individuals who can complete (and have to compete) for their delivery job – be that just one package or the inside of your entire home.

Launched in 2009, when founder Angus Elphinstone was just 27 years-old, the platform has since attracted over 1.8 million users in the UK and Europe that range from students, eBay businesses and home movers; and has been covered by multiple national media outlets including the BBC, the Guardian, the Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph and Channel 4.

The delivery platform has also acquired £1.8m in funding, launched the popular AnyVan app and secured partnerships with the biggest names in the UK’s sharing economy and online marketplaces including Zoopla, Gumtree, My Parcel Delivery and eBay. The founder’s original ambition for the business remains, “to have a product which is synonymous with the action of moving something” – an aim he looks on a direct route to achieving.

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