Anthony Eskinazi: Park At My House

Turning the age-old nightmare of parking cars into a business opportunity

Anthony Eskinazi, 28
Park At My House (now JustPark)

It has been ever thus: where some see inconvenience and frustration, others see simple supply and demand-based entrepreneurial opportunity. Finding a parking space causes more than its fair share of angst, so Eskinazi hit on the idea of letting people advertise their unused private parking spaces for hire. The site’s users can advertise, or use it to find spaces nearby. After two years of organic growth, the company has now taken on a significant investment from BMW, no less, which will allow it to grow aggressively, according to its founder. This recent partnership marks a major breakthrough for the business, and now it has reached profitability, the focus is on  international growth as well as the launch of mobile services.


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