Anthony Lau: Cyclehoop

Focus: Design and retail

Anthony Lau, 29
Company: Cyclehoop

More people than ever are hopping on bikes, boding well for Anthony Lau. His business, started in 2008, is based on the Cyclehoop, a simple and innovative product for parking bikes designed by Lau in 2006. The functional bike stand design, which attaches onto street furniture such as lampposts, can already be seen across London. The company has since launched a range of products for cyclists, scooping several design awards along the way, while clients include Transport for London, along with boroughs and councils across the UK. Lau is now rolling out the business to further cities – expect to see Cyclehoop coming to a lamppost near you.

2012 update:

The bike expert is now producing over 15 products and selling them in 10 different countries, including Germany, Luxemburg, Finland and USA. Contracted by TFL, Cyclehoop provided 6,000 bicycle spaces for use during the Olympic Games, acting as the sole bike parking provider of the event. Following a lucrative new deal in Vancouver, turnovers are expected to reach £1.3m this year.


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