Christopher Baker-Brian and Mansoor Mohammad Hamayun: BBOXX

Portable power for the developing world

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Christopher Baker-Brian and Mansoor Mohammad Hamayun, 24 and 22

Solar energy supplier BBOXX certainly isn’t short of ambition. It was formed by Christopher Baker-Brian (pictured left), Mansoor Mohammad Hamayun (pictured right) and Laurent Van Houke as a for-profit spin-off from e.quinox, a charity at Imperial College London. The company develops methods of distributing renewable energy to developing countries. Their innovative portable solar products are aimed at people in developing countries who do not have access to electricity or who live in areas where the grid electricity is unstable. BBOXX works with local partners around the world who invest in the right to represent their products and brand in their respective markets. The company has already launched partnerships in Rwanda, DR Congo, Pakistan and Iraq.

BBOXX also reaches its customers through NGOs,governmental contracts or direct retail through its own distribution networks. On top of developing new products, BBOXX’s founders are continuously in negotiations with potential future partners to open up new markets around the world, and is developing different franchising models to allow people in developing countries to have opportunities to start a renewable energy business.”

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