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David Langer and Andy Young, 26
Group Spaces
Web: www.groupspaces.com

When Silicon Valley veterans Dave McClure and Chris Sacca choose to invest their money in a European start-up, we all sit up and take notice. And, in the case of David Langer (picture right) and Andy Young's (pictured left) GroupSpaces, our attention is more than justified; the company now boasts members in 75 countries, and has been named ‘Company of the Year' at the prestigious Silicon Valley comes to the UK event. GroupSpaces strives to serve all aspects of the groups and societies it manages, from registrations and membership fees to events and activities; an enticing proposition for any group manager, and one which offers huge growth potential. Having also received significant investment from Index Ventures, GroupSpaces is ideally placed to explode in the years to come.

2013 update:

In May 2012 co-founder David Langer announced that he was exiting the membership group managing platform GroupSpaces to start a new venture named Hasty. Yet to launch the new start-up, Langer is remaining quiet about the details but claims Hasty will “aim to solve a significant problem for consumers across the world.” GroupSpaces has been left in the control of co-founder Andy Young, who continues to grow the platform, which now supports three million group memberships in more than 100 countries.

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