Duane Jackson: KashFlow

Taking software-as-a-service to new heights

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Duane Jackson, 32
Web: www.kashflow.com

The world of accountancy software is one dominated by a few very large players. Signs are though that this is about to change, with hungry, nimble and responsive start-ups springing up to give small businesses in particular alternative ways of managing their accounts. Duane Jackson’s KashFlow is one of the best examples, as borne out by its multiple victories in the annual Business Software Satisfaction Awards. The company was founded in 2006 as one of the first using the software-as-a-services business model, and secured early investment from Lord Young, the former government minister and successful entrepreneur. Jackson doesn’t have a typical entrepreneurial or IT background, with his journey to successful MD including a spell at Her Majesty’s pleasure,  but KashFlow today has over 10,000 customers and this is one entrepreneur who seems destined for big things.

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