Emi Gal: Brainient

The Shoreditch start-up getting personal with video advertising

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Emi Gal, 25
Web: www.brainient.com

Emi Gal has, at the tender age of 25, already been involved in a number of start-ups both in the UK and in his native Romania; Shoreditch-based Brainient is his latest, and makes video adverts more effective. It consist currently of three products, the first of which is a personalised video retargeting platform, the second a solution that lets advertisers create interactive video, and the third a DIY interactive video editor. Brainient has so far secured $1m investment, including $800,000 from the Arts Alliance last year, and Gal says, with good reason, he’s “excited about the growth of the video advertising industry”. Today he’s focusing on becoming established in Europe, with one eye to the opportunities in the US.

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