Graham Bosher: Graze

Focus: Healthy snacks ordered by post

Graham Bosher, 27

Graham Bosher, one of the founders of successful movie rental business Lovefilm, is living proof that adapting an existing business model can prove to be as good as inventing a new one. Rather than sending out movies by post, Graze, which was established by Bosher in 2007, offers a service that delivers healthy snacks. It now sends out 80,000 letterbox-sized boxes of fruits, nuts and dried berries a month, charging £2.99 a go – less than the delivery charge of most online supermarkets. Turnover this year is an impressive £2.5m, while a recent £2m investment from Octopus Ventures and DFJ Esprit suggests that the company could scale just as well as its older sibling.

2013 Update:

After posting impressive revenues of £10.8m in the year ending March 2012, CEO Graham Bosher marked a successful exit following a management buy-out backed by the Carlyle group in January of this year for an undisclosed sum. Bosher told Growing Business that he now plans to take his first real break in 12 years.


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