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Henry Erskine Crum and Alexander Will, 28
Spoonfed Media
Web: www.spoonfed.co.uk

If it’s happening in London, you can bet that Henry Erskine Crum (pictured right) and Alexander Will (pictured left) have heard about it. The co-founders of Spoonfed media, and publishers of spoonfed.co.uk, know the capital like the backs of their hands, and have painstakingly established contact with a phalanx of owners, promoters and organisers, who are all too happy to promote their bars and clubs on Spoonfed’s pages. Crum and Will, who met as students at the London School of Economics, have also launched bullseyehub.com, a SaaS platform for event organisers to manage all their online event marketing. With turnover set to reach £800,000 this year, the co-founders are currently eyeing further diversification, and international expansion.

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