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James Robinson, 30
Web: www.zeffa.co.uk

Three-year-old media agency Zeffa can count some high profile names among its client list, a list that’s growing all the time as the company demonstrates a 50% year-on-year growth. Founder James Robinson admits securing clients wasn’t easy: “I really struggled with convincing potential clients that we were a credible alternative to their existing media agency. In times of economic uncertainty people stick with things they know and more importantly, things that they trust.” However, realising that the key lay in reducing the risk for potential brands, as well as the cost, the business was able in Robinson’s words to “seize an opportunity as the new kid on the block”. He’s working now on building a national network of offices, but doesn’t believe in over-planning for the future. “I find if you spend too much time planning you miss out on opportunities that present themselves. If you don’t take up that opportunity, someone else will!”

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