Jimmy Metta: Vanquish Wine

Focus: Wine distribution

Jimmy Metta, 29
Vanquish Wine
Web: www.vanquishwine.com

Vanquish Wine was born in 2005, when former analyst Jimmy Metta found himself clearing a relative’s wine cellar. He decided to sell the collection of Bordeaux vintages that he discovered. These days, Metta regularly attends auction houses to buy fine wines with old friend and Vanquish co-founder David Elghanayan. Together, they now boast the largest collection of Cristal Champagne in the UK, while their Soho-based business supplies every major nightclub in London. A diversification into wine for high-net-worth buyers, along with the bulk import and export of drinks, has protected the business from the downturn, and this year’s turnover for Vanquish is expected to hit £8m.


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