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Louie Evans and Zack Feather (pictured above), 31 and 35
Company: The Pathology Group
Web: www.pathologygroup.co.uk

Launched in 2006 with personal loans and having raised no finance since, Louie Evans and Zack Feather’s recruitment consultancy is now the second-largest company of its kind in the world. The company started with two niche specialist healthcare recruitment companies, The Pathology Group and the Accident & Emergency Agency, and has today grown to have seven market leading niche specialist healthcare recruitment companies within the group. It targets and sources ‘rare’ doctors the NHS and private hospitals find hard to attract with traditional ads. The group’s USP is operating individual companies for separate verticals of the doctors’ market, with recruiter teams immersing themselves in their own field through attendance at conferences and training events to stay abreast of developments.

The company is set to hit revenues of £57m this year (up from £43m) and expects to comfortably reach £120m turnover by the end of 2016. The consultancy’s huge growth has seen it featured in the Virgin Fast Track 100 for the last two years and the business recently won the 2013 Recruiter of the Year awards for the Best UK Large Recruitment Company, as well as being Service Business of the Year at the 2009 Startups Awards. The 87-strong team now works with more than 136 NHS trusts across the UK and Scotland, with plans to expand into Europe and Asia next year.

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