Michael Rolph: Yoyo Wallet

The mobile payment and loyalty app with 65% of UK universities signed up

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Michael Rolph, 35
Company: Yoyo Wallet
Web: www.yoyowallet.com

After a rocky history, the rise in smartphone use over the last few years has seen mobile payments undergo significant growth. By 2019, it’s estimated the global market could be worth as much as $1 trillion

Launched in 2014 by Michael Rolph and Alain Falys, two time Startups 100-featured Yoyo Wallet is a mobile-first payment, loyalty and personalised marketing platform for retailers, brands, and the consumers they want to serve.

Capitalising on the growth of mobile payment among consumers, Yoyo is a smartphone app that enables mobile payment, the automatic collection of loyalty and pre-ordering. Consumers will also enjoy the benefits of personalistion with loyalty rewards and exclusive offers being tailored to their existing preferences and habits.

For retailers and brands, Yoyo acts as an insight engine that delivers customer basket-level data, segmentation, insights into preferences and behaviours and a mobile-first marketing platform to deliver targeted campaigns through.

Yoyo is currently Europe’s fastest growing mobile wallet, with 65% of UK universities on board, hundreds of corporate catering locations and some of the biggest names of the UK high street soon to be announced.

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