Paul Andrews and Scott Warrington: School Lettings Solutions

The start-up connecting communities, clubs and groups with out-of-hours school facilities

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Paul Andrews and Scott Warrington, 34 and 33
Company: School Lettings Solutions

An idea with such enormous scope, it’s a wonder no one hit upon this largely unaddressed market before Paul Andrews and Scott Warrington – the founders of School Lettings Solutions.

The men – both from a background in schools, sports and community development – realised that the facilities of schools, colleges and academies could be utilised by local communities, groups, clubs and businesses during evenings, weekends and holidays. School Lettings Solutions splits the income with its partner establishments, allowing them to reinvest in their schools and education while connecting with local communities, and driving a range of health and social benefits. Today, the company manages over 100 sites across the country, which are used to host everything from football to guitar lessons, conferences to self-defence classes and dance competitions to choir groups for the elderly.

The company turned over more than £1.3m last year – its fourth in operation – and is already estimating revenues upwards of £6m for 2017. The pair admit they have only “just started to scratch the surface” of the market, and with an estimated 3,270 mainstream secondary schools in England alone, this social start-up has huge growth potential.

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