Peter Leiman and Cameron Ogden: Blink

Focus: Air taxi service

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Peter Leiman and Cameron Ogden, 30 & 31

Launching ‘Europe’s first air taxi service’ in the midst of a catastrophic downturn for aviation might sound counter intuitive. However, Blink’s promise of the speed, efficiency and comfort of a personal jet at a price that compares with business class was compelling enough to help founders Peter Leiman and Cameron Ogden raise $30m of equity funding in 2007. They hope the cost-effective, four-passenger light aircrafts that they’ve purchased, at around £1.5m each, will make the firm the easyJet of business travel. Blink’s seven aircraft currently fly to more than 600 airports in Western Europe, carrying 100-150 people a month. The firm plans to add three to six more planes in 2010.

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