Stephanie Alys, Shanshan Xu and Soumyadip Rakshit: MysteryVibe

The smart vibrator that’s “personalising” pleasure and set to have a big impact on the sextech market

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Stephanie Alys, Shanshan Xu and Soumyadip Rakshit, 26, 31 and 34
Company: MysteryVibe

These days it seems all our household objects are getting the Internet of Things (IoT) treatment – but if you thought your more ‘personal’ items were immune, think again…

Yes, sex toys are getting smart, and riding the crest of this new wave of adult toys is MysteryVibe. Included in our 12 days of Startups feature, the company is the creator of the “highly personalisable” Crescendo – a silicon smart vibrator with six motors that can be bent to hold any shape the user desires. The toy can be controlled from a mobile phone using custom ‘vibes’ available to download through the MysteryVibe app. In the future, it will also monitor the user’s arousal to collect data, which will be made available to inform sexual health and pleasure research. Pre-launch, MysteryVibe claims to have already secured more than $100,000 in orders, shipped products to customers in 51 countries and received over 100,000 downloads of its app within six months.

Backed by £1.6m in angel funding, the company’s aim is to encourage dialogue and change perceptions around pleasure in a positive, empowering way. MysteryVibe believes that pleasure is fundamental to our happiness, and it seems consumers agree, with the product set to generate revenues north of £3m in the next 12 months.

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