Steve Lowy: Umi Hotels

Providing 5-star services at 3-star prices

Steve Lowy, 30
Umi Hotels

Lowy set up his hotels business (which “provides 5-star service at 3-star prices”) in 2007 and has since seen turnover increase to over £4m from the three hotels in Brighton, London and Moscow. Being, as Lowy admits, a “small fish in a big pond” hasn’t deterred him and as the brand grows, Umi Hotels is starting to make its voice heard amongst the hotel industry giants, especially after The Sunday Times named one of his properties in its list of the top 50 budget hotels in the world. He is now considering implementing a franchise model in order to take the business further afield and build its presence in Europe, and would like one day to open a hotel school to inspire more young people to enter the industry.


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