Tim Antos and Richard Hall: Kokoon Technology

The headphones that don’t just help you fall asleep, but monitor you to improve your sleep

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Tim Antos and Richard Hall, 30 and 29
Company: Kokoon Technology
Web: www.kokoon.io

Whether it’s due to the stresses of a job, financial worries or a noisy neighbourhood, most adults will, at some stage in their lives, struggle to achieve “quality sleep”.

Launched in 2015, Startups 100-listed Kokoon Technology is seeking to combat this common challenge through a soporific mix of audio and brain-sensing technology. The company’s sleep-sensing smart headphones mould to the shape of the user’s head and use specially created audio tracks to induce sleep, even adjusting the audio to ensure they’re not disturbed. As the user falls to slumber, sensors monitor electrical activity in their brain, measuring exactly when they fall asleep, the different phases of sleep and the perfect point in the natural sleep cycle to wake them up.

Currently at pre-launch stage, Kokoon has already raised $2m in funding and pre-sold 10,000 units through Kickstarter, which at $229 a pair, has already generated revenues of £1.4m before a single product has even been shipped. With plans to increase market share in the headphones and sleep technology sectors through an aggressive sales and marketing strategy over the next year, we look forward to seeing what Kokoon will achieve after official launch in late 2016.

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