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Will Saville (pictured) and Richard Paterson, 33
: BrightStarr
Web: www.brightstarr.com

IT services firm BrightStarr specialises in providing project collaboration tools for large organisations, with current clients including Pepsi, Mulberry and the NHS. Founded by Will Saville and Richard Paterson in 2006, the firm is projecting a turnover of £1.5m this year, with the company’s revenues for the first six months of 2009 topping last year’s overall total. Meanwhile, pre-tax profits are expected to be around £500,000.

BrightStarr has recently started campaigning in the US, and has just closed its first deal with a Fortune 500 company. What’s more, its growing relationship with Microsoft means it sees new products before most companies, which is helping it get ahead in the marketplace and attract the best talent. These strategies should allow BrightStarr to achieve continued growth in the UK and beyond.

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