An introduction to virtual offices

What are virtual offices and how could they help your business?

There are now more and more ways to communicate than ever before and an abundance of people, technologies and businesses to help you do it.

In fact, technological advancements are so great that it’s possible to start and operate a business with no office, no staff and no stock. All you need is a mobile phone and an email address – and not always both.

Action point:Could it be worth sharing office space with fellow start-ups? Search serviced office options now...

What are virtual office services? Virtual office services can offer you the total office experience without physically buying, leasing or renting an actual office.

A virtual office services company can take care of your telephone, postal, email and ordering systems, fully operating all communicational concerns of the front end of your business.

They’ll answer the phone as a member of your staff, provide you with a postal address for business mail and relay your messages to you in any number of formats: telephone, email, SMS text, fax or pager.

Virtual office services companies vary. Some just provide a basic telephone messaging service, others can provide a full 24-hour secretarial service with an address in one of the most prestigious locations in the world.


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