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Retail EPOS systems are among the most useful tools available for UK stores - compare deals today and find the best price

When looking at the top POS systems for retail it is important to consider what this specific industry needs from an EPOS system. The POS system for a retail store will differ from that of other industries.

The POS system for small retail businesses needs to be carefully considered, taking into account the specific needs of your business. You will need a system that is flexible to your needs, and that is cost effective.

Point of sale retail software can create efficiencies and boost productivity, but you need to know what you are looking for. Find out more about prices by visiting our POS costs page.

Top 5 POS systems for retail

Knowing where to start with researching for a POS system for retail can be bewildering. That is why we have identified the top POS systems for retail.

The table directly below includes a side-by-side comparison of the various retail POS systems available.

POS System Features Cost
EPOS Now retail system Scalable to grow with your business £1,199
Casio V-R100 retail system Compact and remotely accessible £49.99/month
Revel retail system Customisable and unique to your business £80-£100/month
Vend retail system Cloud based £50/month
First Data retail system Intuitive with touch screen technology £800-£1000

We believe these systems offer good value for money and will bring an excellent return on investment for retail businesses and start-ups.

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EPOS Now Retail EPOS System

EPOS Now Retail POS System
EPOS Now offers an excellent package for start-up retail businesses for £1,199. For this, you get a bundle, including all of the initial hardware you will need (terminal, cash drawer and printer) as well as the retail point of sale software.

Installation, maintenance, and training are included in your package fee. You may however need to add on barcode scanners, a keyboard, or customer display.

The EPOS Now system is scalable and can grow with your retail store.

Casio V-R100

Casio V R100 Retail POS System
Casio V-R100 is available on a monthly basis for £49.99 per month. It has been designed specifically with retail in mind.

The package includes a straight-forward operating base with retail POS software working on an android platform and an integrated full colour touch screen. The entire terminal is splash-proof and hard-wearing. The receipt printer is thermal and integrated to the main unit. In addition to the central terminal, managers can use the Casio Cloud Suite to change prices, access stock reports, analyse sales data and much more.

Additionally, all of this data can be accessed remotely. A big selling point is that this system is compact.

Revel Retail POS System

Revel Retail POS System
The Revel POS system is an omni-channel platform that connects your stores to your online shops, warehouse and more. It is excellent for inventory control, stock management, managing customer accounts, and reporting.

The system is modular so you can choose which elements will suit your retail business best, without paying over the odds for things you do not need.

The Revel System aim to bring you a customised package, making this a fantastic option for any retail business.


Vend Retail POS System
Vend offer starter packages for retail businesses across a range of types from bookstores to fashion boutiques.

The Vend system is scalable, making it ideal for growing businesses, and will work on iPad, Mac, and PC. For times when connectivity is down, it will also work offline. Vend can be used for keeping tabs on your inventory, tracking your most important sales metrics, and integrating with your online store. It is a cloud-based system and intuitive to use.

First Data Retail

First Data Retail POS System
First Data offer a retail EPOS system, called Clover, that is suitable across a range of retail businesses. Clover improves speed, reliability and accuracy. The system has been designed with retail needs in mind, allowing you to accept all major payment types and reduce staff and customer error. You are regularly provided with free software updates so that you can have peace of mind with regards to security.

Add-ons are available in the form of various apps. The interface is intuitive with touch screen technology, and you can select from a range of features to help your business. Also available is the Clover Mini for when you need a smaller terminal to save counter space.

retail pos system benefits

Benefits of retail POS systems

A retail store computer system with retail management software can now be more effectively met directly through retail EPOS solutions. EPOS software for retail will bring your business a plethora of benefits, and should help you grow and be more productive. A retail POS will have some specific benefits, which may be different to those that you would find with a hospitality point of sale, for example.

The benefits of retail POS include:

Increased revenue

New research revealed that SMEs could be losing out on over £23,000 in profit each year because they cannot accept card payments. Having a POS system makes accepting card payments easier and as a result, will help to create more sales.

Accounting and finance

Retail store POS systems can remove and alleviate a great deal of the burden of accounting administration, and behind-the-scenes work. A traditional cash register still leaves you with this huge task.

Inventory management

Inventory management and stock control can be a small retail business owner’s nightmare. Retail EPOS software can automatically keep track and operate as a complex inventory management system. It also gives you the insight you need into your products and sales.

Reporting and analysis

Knowing what sells well, what does not, and further data on your sales and business, allows you to meet customer demands and understand where productivity and sales can be boosted.

Staff and customer expectations

Both staff and customers alike expect EPOS retail systems. To be taken seriously as a business, they are an important tool of the trade.


Retail POS systems will speed up payments making it easier for both your staff and your customers.


Retail POS receipts tend to be more detailed, with more relevant information for both the customer and the business. Furthermore, the top POS systems for retail allow you to customise the receipt, even including your logo, meaning your branding gets more exposure.


A notable problem for retail businesses is accuracy in pressured environments. Discrepancies are minimised through retail store POS systems as various steps are automated, and potential errors are highlighted.

Real-time data

Unlike old school retail till systems, a retail store computer system utilising POS can provide real-time information that can prove invaluable regarding inventory, cash, and stock.

Updates, maintenance, and repair

Traditional cash registers are out-dated. As such, repairs and maintenance can prove costly in terms of time and money. If you rent your retail EPOS systems, then maintenance and support is usually included, meaning you always have a system that is up-to-date.

How to choose the best retail POS

Choosing your point of sale retail software and system can be overwhelming but will always be a worthwhile investment.

When choosing between different options for your retail EPOS and deciding which is the best POS system for a small retail business there are two main factors you need to consider:

  • Whether you will buy your retail management software and hardware outright, or pay for a monthly hire or rent.
  • Whether to make use of a complete all-in-one package combining hardware and software, or whether to purchase items on a modular basis, such as point of sale retail software, credit card terminals, POS computers etc.

The top POS systems for retail do depend on your particular business. Your size, the nature of your product ranges, and your customer base, are all factors that will influence the best EPOS retail system for you. Make sure you choose something which is scalable, and can grow and change with your business.

Many start-ups or small businesses choose their retail POS systems based on a package or bundle, and opt for a monthly payment. This lowers the initial outlay freeing up your capital for other investment, but still means you can have excellent POS technology. Most providers offer a start-up POS system package that includes everything you need, including both software and hardware.

Ultimately, the best retail POS systems for small businesses will vary according to your particular needs, although they all have certain elements in common. Look for an affordable package that is intuitive to use, with strong customer support, and is scalable.

What type of hardware is needed?

In order to have a successful retail POS system you need both the software and hardware. Typically, the software can be bought on a singular basis. However, you will need various hardware for your EPOS system. We have listed the key components of the retail POS hardware that you may need:

Payment terminals

This is the ‘computer’ of the retail store POS. This will be the central hub of activity which integrates to the other elements of the EPOS system. Your chosen terminal needs to be capable of being up and running for many hours a day. Along with this you will likely need some sort of monitor, usually touch screen allowing for intuitive use.

Card readers

The modern customer has expectations about how they can pay. You will need to be able to accept all major credit and debit payments. Some packages come with chip and pin devices.

Barcode readers or scanners

These will either be handheld or multiline. The majority of retail EPOS systems that come as a package for small businesses will include a handheld barcode scanner, but do check. Also check that they come with a cradle for holding it when not in use to prevent damage.

Customer displays

With some EPOS retail systems the customer display is integral, however, do check this as sometimes it needs to be obtained separately. The customer display is designed to enable the customer to have a view of the transaction (usually the cost).

Cash drawer

Despite many customers opting for card payments, you do still need a cash drawer which is secure, and typically located under the main EPOS unit.


Important for some retail businesses is a scale, which electronically integrates with the EPOS system. These are not usually included in packages so if your business needs one then this will be an add-on option.

Receipt printer

You need to be able to print the receipt details from the transaction. Most retail EPOS systems use thermal printers nowadays due to the speed of printing, and the ability to cope with a retail level of volume.

iPad or android tablet

Some retail EPOS systems operate on a mobile basis, allowing you to walk around the shop floor, or even be used at exhibitions and the like. In this case you will need the iPad or android tablet to complete your retail POS system.

Compare retail EPOS systems

The information on this page should help you to understand what kind of things you can expect to find with a retail EPOS system. For the best idea on what you need though, you should speak to suppliers – we can help here.

By filling in the form at the top of this page, we can put you in touch with up to four top UK EPOS suppliers. The comparison process is free, quick and easy, and it could save your business time and money.

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