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The 7 best vehicle tracking systems

Looking for a vehicle tracking system to monitor and manage your business’ fleet? These are seven vehicle tracking system options in the UK...

Whether you operate a courier and delivery start-up, or a service business that sends professionals out on jobs, a vehicle tracking system can boost your profitability and efficiency in many ways.

It’s not just a case of having a GPS tracking device installed in each of your business's vehicles and checking up on their location every now and then.

These days, a vehicle tracking system can provide in-depth information from real-time data on your driver’s speeds, idling times and ETAs to information about your fuel costs and consumption, calculations of the most efficient routes and records of past trips.

But with so many vehicle tracking suppliers available, the process of working out which might bring the biggest benefits to your business can seem daunting.

Fortunately, we’ve examined seven of the best vehicle tracking suppliers so that you don’t have to.

Best vehicle tracking systems comparison

Before we tuck into the full supplier breakdown, here’s a bitesize breakdown of seven of the top vehicle tracking system suppliers:

Now you've got an idea of what to look for, how about getting stuck into some quotes? Be sure to fill in the form at the top of the page to be put in suppliers today.Comparing business vehicle tracking suppliers – the key things to consider:If you’re looking to compare vehicle tracking options, then there are a range of factors to consider, including:

  • Cost –
    How much can you spend? And, how much will the vehicle tracking services cost? It is sometimes possible to negotiate prices, but you may need to opt for a cheaper provider if this isn’t possible. See our comparison below.
  • Fleet size –
    How large is your fleet? And what size fleet does the supplier cater for? Some suppliers will be more suited for smaller fleets, while others may specialise in larger enterprises.
  • Industry –
    Though many suppliers will cater to all industries that might require tracking, it is possible that some will be more or less suitable. A food delivery company, for example, may have tailored requirements that are not covered by all providers.
  • Equipment –
    The equipment that you and your supplier use may dictate suitability. As with any other part of your business, you need to make sure that you have the best possible technology for the task – speak with suppliers to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

SupplierBest forCompare
Verizon ConnectDrivers’ leaderboards show staff how their driving compareCompare
MovolyticsTrip history: journey data is recorded so you can check backCompare
QuartixFriendly, committed customer service, free installation, mobile app, transparent pricingCompare
UK Fuels Ltd’s Kinesis TrackingOnline training hub packed with training videos, template documents and FAQsCompare
RAM TrackingUnlimited free training and system upgradesCompare
BOX Telematics TrackerInstant access to Google Street View of vehicles, available 24/7Compare
Scorpion Track Fleet ST70100% web-based system meaning no installation or downloadsCompare

Continue reading below for more information on each supplier. If you want to compare suppliers straight away though, you can complete our quick and easy form now.

Verizon Connect

verizon best vehicle tracking systemVerizon pros:

  • Global coverage
  • Comprehensive features
  • Committed customer service
  • Free tracking device installation
  • Free training demo
  • Smartphone and tablet compatible

Verizon cons:

  • May be beyond the budget for basic vehicle tracking

Best for: Global coverage and committed customer service

Verizon packages and pricing

Verizon charges a monthly fixed fee for each vehicle you’re tracking. The cost for using both Verizon software and hardware – i.e., the GPS trackers – is included in this monthly charge.

To find out how much Verizon might cost for your business, you can request a custom quote which will be based on the size of your business and its needs.

However, you can expect the price to be in the region of £22 to £42 per vehicle per month. Though this is slightly above the standard price range for vehicle tracking, it’s reflective of Verizon Connect’s advanced features.

Remember: Verizon offers a free live demo, so you can try before you buy.

Verizon top features

Driver management: Smart driver ID means you can keep an eye on the progress of each of your drivers even when they drive multiple vehicles. Drivers can also join leader-boards which show them how their driving compares to their colleagues’ – healthy competition is an excellent motivator.

Data trend analysis: Verizon Connect sorts current and historical data into easy-to-digest charts on your dashboards, revealing key trends in the way your fleet works over time and helping you visualise your progress towards performance KPIs.

Verizon verdict: Is it for me?

Verizon Connect could be the ideal vehicle tracking solution for you if:

You want a supplier with a longstanding reputation and expertise. The result of a merger between three high-standard platforms – Verizon Telematics, Fleetmatics and Telogis – Verizon Connect collates a wide range of fleet and workforce management expertise.

You’ll make use of a wide range of features. From route optimisation and scheduling to paperless administration, Verizon Connect boasts a variety of capabilities – fuelled by advanced technology – for your business to explore and implement.

You’d like to cut down on paper-based admin. Verizon Connect enables you to store receipts, invoices and other paperwork electronically – cutting down the time and cost associated with printing, filling in and filing paperwork.


movelytics best vehicle trackingMovolytics pros:

  • Wide range of features
  • Free tracking device installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Highly rated customer service
  • Unlimited training
  • Compatible with mobile devices

Movolytics cons:

  • May be beyond the budget for basic vehicle tracking

Best for: Wide range of features

Movolytics packages and pricing

Movolytics charges a fixed monthly fee based on how many vehicles you’re using it to track. Signing up doesn’t require any upfront costs, and you won’t find any hidden charges.

To request a custom quote, you can fill in a form on the Movolytics website – a member of the team will respond to you within 24 hours – or give the team a call.

Movolytics top features

Automated alerts: Using Movolytics, you can pick and set alerts – both via SMS and email – to keep you abreast of what your drivers are up to. You can choose to receive alerts when they’re idling, speeding, have driven out of boundary or entered a geofenced zone. You can also receive alerts when a vehicle requires maintenance.

Trip history: Movolytics records journey data so you can check back on it in the future – useful if you ever want to look back on how many journeys were made in a certain period, check that a particular trip was completed on time, or find out where a vehicle was on a certain date.

Movolytics verdict: is it for me?

Movolytics could be the ideal vehicle tracking supplier for you if…

Your drivers might need to take on urgent journeys at the drop of a hat. Movolytics enables you to locate the closest driver to the job, calculate and send a fuel-efficient route via SMS, then receive an accurate ETA to share immediately with your client.

You’re growing quickly If you need to increase your fleet size, Movolytics’ offering can scale flexibly according to what you need with proportionate prices, enabling you to track new vehicles easily without unexpectedly high fees.

You’re busy. As Movolytics records and stores data about your drivers’ trips, it minimises the need for administrative tasks such as keeping timesheets.

Do you already have a vehicle tracking system?


quartix, best vehicle trackingQuartix pros:

  • Friendly and committed customer service
  • Free tracking device installation
  • Mobile app available
  • Transparent pricing
  • Warranty included in price
  • Interactive demo

Quartix cons:

  • Not as sophisticated as other options

Best for: Friendly and committed customer service

Quartix packages and pricing

One of the more affordable vehicle tracking suppliers, Quartix offers three products: Infopoint, Infoplus and Infofleet, each of which come with varying levels of service.

The below prices are based on a 12-month contract arrangement (though other contract terms are available if you request them):

Infoplus and Infofleet also give you the option to add additional features to your package for an extra cost:

  • Fuel card reporting: £1 per vehicle per month
  • Panic button: £1 per vehicle per month
  • Auxiliary input: £1.50 per vehicle per month
  • Diver ID: £1.50 per vehicle per month

Quartix top features

Live metrics dashboard. Quartix updates your dashboard every one or two minutes (depending on your package), reporting on data such as driver speed, idling, fuel consumption and more in real time.

Vehicle configuration. Quartix enables you to fill out a range of details for each vehicle, including driver details, MOT, road tax and insurance renewal dates, and vehicle privacy hours to help you stay abreast of each of your motors. You can also group vehicles together for more general reporting.

Quartix verdict: Is it for me?

You should take a look into a Quartix vehicle tracking system if…You don’t have ample experience in vehicle tracking. The Quartix interfaces are clean, simple and easy to use, providing straightforward fleet tracking for business owners who don’t have time to learn the nitty gritty of a new process.You want a cheaper solution. Prices for a vehicle tracking system from Quartix are lower than the vehicle tracking supplier standard, so a Quartix package could work well for you if you’re on a budget.

UK Fuels Ltd - Kinesis Telematics

kinesis best vehicle trackingKinesis Telematics packages and pricingKinesis offers flexible pricing with no hidden charges (and no termination or penalty fees if you decide that it isn’t for you). Kinesis offers three plans.

Best for: Transparent pricing

Kinesis Telematics top features

Fuel card data integration: A product supplied by fuel card specialists UK Fuels Ltd, Kinesis says it’s the first vehicle tracking solution to fully integrate fuel card data; meaning its mile per gallon reporting has the potential to be “100% accurate” if you use a UK Fuels Ltd fuel card.

Driver Performance: This feature measures the amount of times your drivers speed, accelerate harshly, brake harshly and idle, giving each driver a score out of 100 – meaning you can prioritise helping drivers to improve where they need to, thereby reducing fuel consumption and the risk of accidents.

Kinesis Telematics verdict: Is it for me?

UK Fuels Ltd’s Kinesis Telematics could be the ideal option for you if…Fuel economy is a priority for you. Kinesis is well-optimised for fleet managers who want to keep a close eye on the miles per gallon that their drivers travel at, and use this information to boost fuel efficiency and reduce costs in their organisation.

Your drivers are active in places with heavy traffic. With its Live Map function, Kinesis can identify upcoming congestion and traffic and suggest new routes accordingly.You want completely transparent pricing. Kinesis’ pricing models are entirely transparent and, importantly, come with no hidden charges or unquoted fees.

Do you already have a vehicle tracking system?

RAM (Remote Asset Management) Tracking

ram best vehicle tracking systemsRAM Tracking packages and pricingRAM Tracking can provide you with an instant bespoke price, based on the size of your fleet, if you get in touch to request a quote.You can do this via RAM Tracking’s website, or give them a call.

Best for:Unlimited free training and system upgrades

RAM Tracking top features

Interactive training hub. In celebration of its 10-year anniversary, RAM Tracking launched a new interactive login page, featuring a training hub packed with training videos, template documents and answers to FAQs.

Financial reports. Designed to help you track costs and profits, RAM Tracking can provide you with an overview of how much each job has cost your business, including labour costs and spending on fuel.

RAM Tracking verdict: Is it for me?

You should take a look into RAM Tracking’s vehicle tracking solutions if:

You’re looking for exceptional customer service. RAM Tracking is known for putting its customers first, requesting regular 360 feedback from users to keep improving its product. It has also won multiple awards for its fast and efficient customer service, and doesn’t charge for callouts.

You don’t have time to learn to use complex software. RAM Tracking’s intuitive interface is simple to understand and use from the off – not to mention that the team will be on hand to train you in how to use it.

Data security is a priority for you. RAM Tracking uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most secure servers out there – so any data your tracking software processes is very likely to be kept safe.

BOX Telematics Tracker

BOX Telematics can provide you with a quote based on the size of your fleet, but this information isn't available without requesting a quote.

You can do this via the BOX website, or by calling up.

Best for: Instant access to Google Street View.

A GPS vehicle tracking system that allows users to monitor and manage their vehicles, the BOX-tracker comes complete with a user-friendly, windows-based reporting programme, which provides accurate, real time updates.The system can also be programmed to report pre-programmed events, such as movements outside of working hours, arrival to specific locations, etc via email or SMS alerts.What’s more, nationwide installation at your home or workplace by a Box Approved Engineer is included in the cost.

BOX Telematics Tracker top features

  • Detailed and accurate tracking with up-to-date mapping
  • Minute by minute updates including driver behaviour, location, speed, driving time, and distance travelled
  • Locate all of your mobile workers
  • Allocate the nearest driver to the job
  • Confirm and corroborate mileage claims
  • Switch between street-level mapping and satellite maps with just one click
  • Access Google Street View instantly

BOX Telematics Tracker verdict: Is it for me?

You should look into investing in BOX Telematics if:

Fuel efficiency is a top priority for you. BOX has a focus on reducing fuel consumption and costs by providing analytics data on driving habits that have a direct consequence on fuel use.

You don’t have time to learn to use complex software. RAM Tracking’s intuitive interface is simple to understand and use from the off – not to mention that the team will be on hand to train you in how to use it.

Your fleet contains a variety of vehicles. BOX is versatile and can therefore be used on every type of vehicle in your fleet.

ScorpionTrack Fleet ST70

Suitable for all makes and models of vehicles, ScorpionTrack Fleet ST70 is an innovative vehicle tracking system that allows you to manage both vehicles and drivers with precision, increasing productivity whilst saving time and money.

With its unique plug and track technology, installation in your vehicle is quick and simple, whilst subscription costs are equivalent to just 23p per day per vehicle, making it one of the most affordable systems on the market today.

Best for: Budgets

ScorpionTrack Fleet ST70 top features

  • 100% web-based system meaning no installation or downloads. This is really great if you’re looking to get up and running quickly and simply.
  • Innovative, industry leading fleet management technology at an affordable price, featuring unique plug and track technology.
  • Manage drivers and vehicles with precision so you can easily target business pain points to improve efficiency, increase productivity and save time and money.

ScorpionTrack Fleet ST70 verdict: Is it for me?

You should look at Scorpion Track Fleet ST70 if:You’re looking for digital solutions to your efficiency concerns.ScorpionTrack Fleet ST70 provides real-time KPIs and dashboards covering fuel cost, driver behaviour and comprehensive vehicle/driver journey statistics.

Do you already have a vehicle tracking system?

Benefits of vehicle tracking for small businesses

  • Better safety:Drivers will be better connected to the business, so any issues that arrive on the road or with the vehicle can be immediately reported. Also, by tracking your drivers, you'll be able to see if any of the team has run into trouble, and get help to them quickly and efficiently.
  • Minimise insurance costs:The improved safety that comes with vehicle tracking also means that it becomes cheaper to insure your fleet.
  • Reduce fuel costs:Installing a fleet tracking system can revolutionise your fuel expenditure by regulating driver behaviour, habits and routes.
  • Improve client relationships:tracking your fleet means that your business can operate with greater efficiency, delivering promptly and communicating accurately if delays or problems occur. This, in turn, will strengthen your relationship with your clients as they will see you as a trusty, efficient and communicative service.

Best vehicle tracking systems FAQs

  • How long does vehicle tracker installation take?On average, vehicle tracker installation takes 1-2 hours.
  • How much does vehicle tracker installation cost?Installation costs range from £50-£100. If you're looking to save some money, lean how to take the DIY approach with our simple guide to vehicle tracking installation.
  • What's the battery life of a vehicle GPS tracker?Normally, the batteries last for up to five years.

Compare vehicle tracking suppliers

If you’d like some more help with finding the right vehicle tracking supplier for your small business, simply fill in the form at the top of this page to receive tailored quotes from the suppliers that best suit your business’ needs!

This article has detailed some of the top vehicle tracking systems out there. For more information, see our guide on vehicle tracking costs or fill in our quick and easy form to get personalised quotes for your business today

Do you already have a vehicle tracking system?

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