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Start-up costs and sales forecast

This section should outline all the purchases and expenses necessary to get your business started. Start-up costs will go beyond the physical items that are necessary for your business and may include renting a premises, electric/gas bills at that premises, costs of producing your product/service, developing a website, transporting your product to your customers, insurance for your business, staff wages, etc. All these costs should be considered.


Cashflow forecast
January XX, 20X6
Month of FIRST YEAR Trading
Pre Start1
Revenue/sales forecast
Sales source 1 [please describe]00
Sales source 2 [please describe]00
Equity/Cash Introduced00
Loan Cash In00
Total money in/income (A)                   –            –
Expenditure/costs forecast
Owner Salary            –
Loan Repayments00
Business Rent00
Business Purchases [please describe]00
Inventory Expense00
Marketing Expense00
Owner Salary above PSB needs00
Staff Wages and Taxes (non-owner)00
Heat Lighting & Power (business)00
Council Tax (business premises)00
Postage, Printing and Stationery00
Travel and Car Expenses00
Transport and Delivery00
Computer Expenses00
Repairs and Maintenance00
Legal and Professional Fees00
Equipment Leasing00
VAT payments00
Other Expenditure [please describe]00
Total money out/expenses (B)                   –            –
Balance/Net cashflow (A-B)                   –            –
Monthly Opening balance                   –            –
Closing balance                   –            –


You will also need to put together a personal survival budget, which should draw on your last three months of bank statements to summarise your current monthly income and expenses. This will work out the amount of money you need to make from your business in order to live.

Finally, you will need to summarise what you plan to do should your business fail and how you will afford any loan repayments you may need to make.

Good luck!

Page one: About you, the business and the product(s) or service(s)
Page two: SWOT analysis, the market and the competition
Page three: Cost and sales forecasts

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