Business vehicle tracking

Business vehicle tracking can improve safety and accuracy. Find out more today

Business vehicle tracking helps you to track and monitor your fleet’s activities. Whether you run a small business with just two or three vehicles in your fleet or a larger one with much more, vehicle tracking can offer a range of benefits.

On this page, we have brought together information to help you understand what sort of benefits, features, and costs you can expect to find when you start tracking your business’s vehicles.

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What is business vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking – as you might expect – is a service or process where vehicles movements are tracked. This same principle is true in both non-commercial and commercial vehicle tracking, though there are, of course, differences.

Improvements in technology over the years have made it easier for businesses to track staff and equipment performance. The rise of GPS technology has worked in exactly this way, allowing you to track and monitor your fleets.

Various features help businesses to achieve their goals – with vehicle tracking you can monitor your drivers’ routes, speeds and arrival times, as well as ensuring that the proper checks and stops are made.

These features – and more besides – can contribute significantly to the safety and economy of your fleets.

Business vehicle tracking costs

Tracking your business fleet does cost money, though often this cost is offset by improvements in other areas.

Tracking your fleets’ routes, for example, is a great way to improve them – if you see that your drivers could take a different route and reduce fuel costs, then you could see an ROI very quickly. Additionally, by tracking your drivers you can ensure that they are following safety protocols – this will often include tracking speeds, but might also mean making sure that they are taking breaks from driving.

Some of factors that might impact your costs are listed below:

  • Size of fleet
  • Type of tracker
  • Tracking system
  • Installation
  • Service charges

There may be other factors to consider – to find out about other costs, you should fill in the form at the top of the page and speak to an expert today.

Pricing tiers for vehicle tracking

Because there are different factors involved with vehicle tracking prices, it is often easier to compare prices using a tiered system.

The list below contains a rough comparison of vehicle tracking tiers.

  • Entry-level vehicle tracking – suitable for fleets of 1 to 20 vehicles, with route and fuel tracking included. Cost: £10-£15/month
  • Mid-level vehicle tracking – suitable for fleets of 21 to 50 vehicles, with the same features as above. Cost: £15-£20/month
  • Advanced-level vehicle tracking – suitable for fleets of more than 50 vehicles, with the same features as above as well as custom tools. Cost: £20-£30/month

The prices above are a guide, and should not be taken as absolute – to get more accurate figures, you should compare quotes. Complete the form at the top of this page to do so today.

Business vehicle tracker suppliers

As a business, it is important that you trust the suppliers you work with. This means that often a deal will be made – or not made – based on trust.

The suppliers included on this page include some of the most trusted vehicle tracking companies in the UK. These providers can all offer top-quality service, with excellent equipment options to provide your business with accuracy and peace-of-mind.

The table below includes a brief comparison of three top business vehicle tracking suppliers.

Supplier Founded Based Rating
Fleetmatics 2004 Massachusetts, USA ★★★★★
Movolytics 1988 London, UK ★★★★★
Teletrac Navman 1988 California, USA ★★★★★

The comparison above does not include all of the information that you will need for these suppliers. For more details – or for a quote – simply complete the form at the top of the page.

Comparing business vehicle tracking suppliers

If you are looking to compare vehicle tracking options, then there are a range of factors to consider. The star ratings in the table above can be useful, but your business may have specific requirements that you need to consider.

The list below includes some of the factors that you may need to consider.

  • Cost – How much can you spend? And how much will the vehicle tracking services cost? It is sometimes possible to negotiate prices, but you may need to opt for a cheaper provider if you cannot.
  • Fleet size – How large is your fleet? And what size fleet do the supplier cater to? Some suppliers will be more suited for smaller fleets, while others may specialise in larger enterprises.
  • Industry – Though many suppliers will cater to all industries that might require tracking, it is possible that some will be more or less suitable. A food delivery company, for example, may have tailored requirements that are not covered by all providers.
  • Equipment – The equipment you use, and the equipment that a supplier uses may dictate suitability. As with any other part of your business, you need to make sure that you have the best possible technology for the task – speak with suppliers to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

The factors above are just a few of the many that you may need to consider. Often these factors will only be known by you, with every business having certain unique features to consider.

As with so many other services or products, it is important that you compare options to make sure that you get the best deal possible.

Business vehicle tracking benefits

Business vehicle tracking benefits and features

Some of the benefits of business vehicle tracking have already been covered in the sections above.

At this point though, we will try to outline the advantages offered by vehicle tracking that is likely to be considered most valuable to businesses.

  • Safety – Safety is one of the most important things for a business to consider. Allowing your staff to act in an unsafe manner, or allowing them to work in an unsafe environment can have enormous repercussions. Vehicle tracking can help you to monitor your drivers carefully, ensuring that unsafe habits or practices are stamped out.
  • Cost – Though there are costs associated with setting up and running a vehicle tracking system, it is important to remember the ROI. Tracking your drivers allows you to monitor routes and fuel usage, providing data which can be used to improve efficiency throughout your fleet.
  • Customer satisfaction – As well as offering internal benefits, vehicle tracking can also allow you to provide information externally. With tracking in place, you can keep customers aware of your driver’s’ locations. This is useful in delivery businesses, but can also help in the sectors where customers need – or would like – to know a driver’s’ whereabouts.
  • Locate – If you lose a vehicle or have one stolen, then tracking is the only way to find exactly where it has gone. From a security point of view, this is a valuable tool.
  • Insurance – By using vehicle tracking on your vehicles you can become eligible for insurance discounts. The more vehicles tracked, the bigger the potential saving.

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