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First Data is one of the best known UK merchant service providers. Find out more about them on this page and compare quotes to save time and money

First Data is a leading provider of card acceptance services, dedicated to simplifying the connections that make commerce possible.

With over 20 years of experience in the UK, First Data has the expertise and facilities to ensure that money moves accurately and securely anytime and anywhere.

In this profile, you’ll learn more about First Data as well as the specific products and services it offers. Plus, we’ll provide a breakdown of its key features so you can get a better idea if First Data merchant services are right for your small business.

A merchant is anyone who sells a product or a service for a profit. Therefore, a merchant account acts as a middle point between a card payment from a customer and the funds reaching your business bank account.

Who are First Data?

First Data is a payment solutions company which offers credit card processing and point of sale (POS) options. Based in the US and with an international presence too, First Data is a well- established merchant services provider.

Founded in Nebraska in 1971, First Data started supplying processing services to the Mid-America Bankcard Association. Then, in 1976, the brand became the first processor of Visa and Mastercard bank-issued credit cards.

Today, First Data supports six million merchants across the globe, and handles over 45% of all US credit and debit transactions. The company has also been recognised by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office as one of the companies whose binding corporate rules for data protection are in-line with the European Union (EU) Data Protection Directive.

First Data Merchant Solutions

First Data merchant solutions offers a wide range of products and services designed to meet the needs and expectations of businesses of every shape and size.

First Data has options suitable for small shops and individual operations, through to major national and international brands. First Data’s innovative range of payment solutions and online tools help businesses to enhance efficiency, minimise operating costs, and optimise revenue growth.

First Data merchant services include:

First Data card payment machines

First Data provides a variety of card terminals that allow businesses to take payments quickly and efficiently.

Available card payment machines include:

  • Mobile card machines – Ideal for businesses on the go, card payments can be taken anywhere and everywhere with a 3G mobile signal
  • Contactless card machines – Contactless payments are growing in popularity. First Data contactless card machines allow you to stay up-to-date with modern payment trends and future-proof your business. Accepting contactless card payments as well as Apple Pay, you can process payments quickly, efficiently, and securely
  • Portable card machines – Especially suitable for bars and restaurants, portable card machines allow you to take payment processing to your customers. This can help to avoid queues and make life much easier for both you and your customers

First Data EPOS systems

First Data also offers a range of EPOS systems that have been expertly designed to meet the needs of a whole host of sectors and industries. These include: hospitality, health & beauty, and retail.

How it can help your business
These revolutionary touch screen electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems allows your small business to:

  • Accept all major payment types, including contactless and mobile payments
  • Track inventory and create reports
  • Be accessible and user-friendly with intuitive touch screen interfaces and cloud connection

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First Data Value Added Services

In addition to their payment processing equipment and eCommerce services, First Data also provide a range of value added services such as:

  • Business Tracker – A new online portal that allows you to access useful information and tools to help you manage your card acceptance service
  • ClientLine – Allows you to access your payment processing transactions 24/7 in the ClientLine online reporting tool
  • Cashback – Allows you to convert cash on your premises to electronic funds. This reduces the amount of time you need to spend on manual accounting and administration
  • Merchant Cash Advance – Helps you to access funds and increase your cash flow
  • PCI DSS Compliance Programme – Ensures your small business is up-to-date with the very latest card data security standards
  • Global Choice Dynamic Currency Conversion Services – Allows you to offer your international customers an enhanced level of service and earn additional revenue at the same time
  • Mobile Top-up – Allows you to make the most of your point of sale software and take advantage of the mobile market by turning your payment terminal into a mobile top-up point

The table below contains a quick comparison of the features listed above.

Service Function Impact
Business Tracker Online portal Manage card acceptance service
ClientLine Online reporting tool Access payment processing transactions
Cashback Convert cash to electronic funds on premises Reduce time spent on manual accounting and administration
Merchant Cash Advance Help to access funds Increase cash flow
PCI DSS Compliance Programme Online portal and programme with information service Stay up-to-date with latest card data security standards
Global Choice Dynamic Currency Conversion Services Currency conversion Enhanced experience for international customers; earn additional revenue
Mobile Top-up Converts payment terminal into a mobile top-up point Maximise POS software; access to mobile market

First Data offer these extra features that can be added to the standard equipment and services to enhance your business and customer experience. Some are free and don’t require additional equipment, while others may carry charges and need other materials to work.

First Data Mobile Pay

First Data Mobile Pay is an online payment application that allows you to turn your mobile phones into point of sale devices. This allows for easy processing of credit, debit and gift card transactions on the go, wherever you are.

Ideal for pop-up and on the go businesses as well as market traders, this payment processing solution makes taking card payments more flexible than ever before.

First Data Mobile Pay offers a range of benefits for you, including the ability to:

  • Offer safe payment options with wireless POS
  • Conduct business on the go with wireless terminals
  • Accept payments with your smartphone or tablet
  • Allow your customers to redeem paperless coupons and loyalty offers
  • Attract new customers with leading technology

There are two ways to use First Data Mobile Pay: First Data mobile app and web-based First Data Mobile Pay.

  • First Data Mobile Pay app – Once downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, the app works in conjunction with an encrypting card reader device that plugs into your smartphone or tablet. This then allows you to swipe your customer’s credit card to process a payment. And, because the card is physically present, you avoid the cost of card-not-present processing rates
  • Web-based First Data Mobile Pay – Using the web-based system, you can process payments on your mobile phones or tablets by simply navigating to the First Data Mobile Pay web page and entering your customer’s credit card number
    Both solutions allow you to accept customer card payments wherever a wireless signal is available. Payments are processed instantly and an e-receipt can be sent to your customer’s email address.

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Mobile Payment Solution

First Data also offers a mobile payments service that lets your customers pay for their purchases using only their mobile phones.

This mobile payment solution features:

  • Wave and Go mobile credit card processing
  • Mobile payment and credit card processing solutions that bring together mobile wallet applications with a range of marketing and loyalty solutions
  • First Data PayEdge Solution – offering your business a cloud-based mobile payment solution that’s based with the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and enables secure, low-cost payments for you
  • Loyalty card information stored on customers’ phones helps your business to build new, targeted, and effective loyalty initiatives
  • Direct promotions sent to customers on the same mobile device they use to activate accounts and make payment method decisions
What is the ACH?
The ACH is a US-based payment system that moves money from one bank account to another.

First Data Ecommerce Solutions

First Data offers a range of dedicated eCommerce payment solutions that make processing online payments simple and secure.

First Data’s internet payment gateway solution allows you to offer your customers a simple, secure, and reliable online payment facility.

The First Data eCommerce payment gateway is made up of three components:

  • Connect Hosted Payments Page – This is a securely hosted customisable payment form that’s ideal for use by small businesses. It’s the quickest and simplest way for you to accept payments through your website
  • API – Application Programming Interface (API) is a web service that allows you to integrate your website and the First Data processing platform using XML. This component is designed to meet the needs of corporate businesses, allowing you to capture customer card details on your website and submit them directly into the First Data payment gateway
  • Virtual Terminal – The Virtual Terminal turns any computer with internet access into a POS device, allowing you to process cardholder not present payments quickly and securely. This web-based standalone postal order and telephone order application is ideal for use in call centre environments or small businesses that process purchases without customers present
What is XML?
XML is a type of coding language used to allow computers to process data.

Additional payment options

First Data’s eCommerce solutions also allow online businesses to offer additional payment options, including Apple Pay and Android Pay.

This flexibility should help to attract new customers and reduce instances of cart abandonment – as with more ways to pay, people may be less likely to leave your page before completing a purchase.

Fraud and security features

This high performance eCommerce gateway is designed to manage and reduce the risk of fraud and security issues.

First Data eCommerce solutions feature:

  • 3D Secure – an additional online security feature to authenticate card transactions
  • Address Verification Service (AVS) – checks that the billing address matches card issuer records
  • Security Code (CVV) – verifies cardholder identity
  • PCI DSS Standards – the 12 requirements used worldwide to protect cardholder data
  • Fraud tools – additional built-in anti-fraud features, such as lock-out times

First Data Customer Service

All First Data merchant services come complete with access to full, 24/7 email and phone customer support as standard.

The brand’s dedicated, UK-based support staff are all experts in their fields, with a high level of knowledge about boarding, reconciliations, chargebacks, investigations, and complaints.

There are also plenty of guides online to help you to set up and run your equipment.

What customer service is available?

  • 24/7 email and phone support
  • UK-based support staff
  • Online guides

What is XML?

  • Established – First Data is a well-known provider and has a checkable history of operating in merchant accounts
  • International – Experience in UK and international markets, with a wide reach
  • Scaleable – Different options to suit your small business as it develops and grows

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