How to start an online dating business

With the success of Tinder and, an online dating site may be the perfect match for you

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How much will setting up an online dating business cost?

A hosted website will probably have a one-off set up cost, as well as credit card processing fees on each transaction, and a monthly rental fee. Check the details of your web hosting site carefully; many will charge more for the monthly rental fee the more members you have.

In addition to the hosting cost, you’ve also got to think about design fees. Julian says that “for us, the total cost of building the site has been between £3,000 and £4,000, which includes a £1,500 design fee. However we’ve been lucky, in that we’ve had a lot of friends who’ve helped us out.”

You will also have to register your domain name, and, because you’ll be handling data, it’s good practice to join the Register of Data Controllers, which costs £35 per year.