10. 3 key selling techniques that could help your start-up

What types of selling do you need to use? Startups covers a few of the most important selling techniques for your business

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You will use a whole range of types of selling techniques in your business. Here are just a few of them:

  • Direct selling

This is when the business sells its products or services directly to the customer. Through this method you can build a good relationship with your clients, use your selling skills to communicate the benefits of your offering, and access valuable information through communicating with the customer, for example regarding their needs, their opinion of the product, experiences with the competition and so on.

  • Selling wholesale

If you’re not selling directly to the customer, you could be selling to a wholesaler or reseller, who then sells the products on to the consumers. If you’re selling to businesses for example, some might prefer to buy only from a large supplier. This is more complicated than direct selling, since you have to think about the supply relationship, how you set prices, and choosing the right wholesaler.

  • Telesales or online sales

If your products can be bought over the phone or online, the sale is very time and cost efficient. This is a good way of selling to repeat customers, who you have already built a relationship with and who trust your business. Using the telephone means that you can still have contact with the customer to help the relationship develop.

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