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Telemarketing has the potential of being very effective for small business owners as it will reach a large pool of customers, giving the business an opportunity to modify the way they approach their clients.

SMEs and entrepreneurs can take advantage of the fact that telemarketing is an old and proven way of letting prospective customers know about businesses.

One setback for small business owners when it comes to telemarketing is the amount of time and energy that will need to be put to make it work. More often than not, many small businesses hire an external agency to do the drive for them.

If an SME chooses to use telemarketing as a way of promoting their products or services, then, there are two types of telemarketing the business owner must consider.

Outbound telemarketing which involves using calling either cold or warm lead to pitch the product or service to them. Or, inbound telemarketing whereby the business receives calls from customers who have specific needs so the business only has to listen to the customers and then see whether they can help them or not.

The information on this page provides information about small business telemarketing, with a range of options included and covered.

Why Do Small Businesses Need to Outsource Telemarketing?

When a small business decides to use telemarketing as a way of letting potential clients know about their products or services, it will be very wise for them to outsource the telemarketing agency.

This will give the business a great opportunity of pursuing possible fresh clients. The two types of small business telemarketing present different benefits for the business.

Benefits of outsourcing telemarketing:

  • The business will have a spike in sales.
  • There will also be a spike in the number of customers who notice that you are quick and efficient in solving their problems.
  • Customers trust will become stronger thanks to how the business handles issues.
  • It gives the business the chance to create a secure communication line with the customers.
  • The business’ sales team will save a lot of time and energy on more important things like closing deals from the leads that are interested.
  • Using telemarketing gives the business the chance to fully document the calls which will allow the business to have the right person to talk to the customer.

Small Business Telemarketing Service Options

There are two types of telemarketing alternatives for small business and medium enterprise owners to use, namely outbound and inbound telemarketing.

Outbound telemarketing allows the business to contact a whole load of customers which will translate to the business making sales. Outbound telemarketing gives the business the opportunity to be specific on how their goods and services are projected to the customers. This method allows the business’ sales team to focus more on translating the customers who are interested than on making the calls.

Inbound telemarketing allows the business to shine up their abilities as the customers call them allowing them to listen and be ready to solve the customer’s needs. Customer satisfaction will be guaranteed as the small business quickly deals with requests.

The main small business telemarketing services are listed below:

For more information about any of these services, simply continue on down the page or follow the content links to the specific pages.

Appointment Setting

Contrary to popular belief, SMEs do have a need for appointment setting as they do need new customers flowing into their business.

Being a small business, they might not have the capacity to get on such a massive marketing operation. Therefore, to see a major improvement in their lead generation and profitability, small businesses have to leverage appointment settings, and for that to happen, they have to follow the tips below:

  • Small businesses should capitalise on referrals because when one of their customers sends referrals to them, the client has transferred the trust they have to their ability, to another potential long-term customer. It is a form of low-cost advertising.
  • Often, many of the prospective clients need someone to listen to their grievances, so with appointment setting, the setter should be ready to go off script and listen to the prospect’s needs.
  • When a prospective lead makes inquiries about the product or service, the appointment setter can go into details and give accurate information and see how they can help solve the prospect’s problems.
  • One way of determining whether a prospect is a serious client or not is by returning calls and determining their needs.
  • Go all out and reach out to prospective clients via many different ways such as emailing, leaving voicemails, mailing packages and other media.

Pay Per Lead

Pay per lead telemarketing for small businesses can be extremely beneficial in the long run.

When you think about it, in this modern world we are living in now, many potential customers out there rely on their phones for everything which includes researching and receiving information on products and services offered by companies including small businesses.

Small businesses are benefitting greatly from pay per lead telemarketing mainly because customers out there need better, faster, effective and efficient services and goods.

When a small business takes up pay per lead, there are a few benefits it will have, namely:

  • More qualified leads are generated.
  • Return on Investments for the small business will be high.
  • It reaches prospective leads that are ready to purchase the product or service
  • Pay per lead telemarketing for a small business is not in vain because even if there will not be results at that time, the message has been sent out, one way or the other, those prospective leads will look for you as they now know about your product or service.
  • Pay per lead allows small businesses to have full control of the bulk of prospects coming. If work becomes too much, you can slow down the bulk coming in.
  • Pay per lead for small businesses targets the prospective leads that might need the product or services, it does not advertise blindly but targets those that we know will need what is being advertised.

Customer Service

An owner of a small business is inundated with the task of deciding whether the business needs to have an in-house customer service desk or whether they should outsource it.

Customer service department is imperative to a business as it is where clients call to have their grievances heard, their questions answered and generally feel like they are being heard. This is very important for a small business to handle carefully to retain its precious client pool and maybe in the process gain a few more.

As a small business, one can benefit greatly from outsourcing its customer service. First, you will have specially trained experts in customer service handling your customer service needs. Secondly, if you are looking to scale up your business, customer service lays the ground for it. Thirdly, being a small business, cost-effectiveness is an important factor that is kept in mind, by outsourcing customer service, all you pay is rates to that company and no other costs are incurred.

So, small business can benefit greatly from outsourcing their customer service. They should go out there and look for an authentic and trustworthy company that will fit the business’ needs. Do not opt for cheap agencies as that might be costly in the end.

Small Business Telemarketing Benefits

How can small businesses benefit from telemarketing? Depending on whether the business chooses to use inbound telemarketing or outbound telemarketing, there are several benefits as listed below:

Benefits of Inbound Telemarketing

  • Inbound telemarketing will upsurge the appointment numbers for the small business
  • With increased appointment numbers comes increased sales volumes hence greater profits.
  • Generating leads for the small business will go up.
  • The customer base for the small business goes up.
  • With a qualified telemarketing lead, there is a higher probability of converting potential clients into sales.
  • Inbound telemarketing is inexpensive.

Benefits of Outbound Telemarketing

  • Outbound telemarketing has a personal touch to it giving the whole interaction a personal and intimate feel.
  • Another benefit of outbound telemarketing is the advantage of receiving an instant response from the potential leads.
  • Seeing that there is a script used when the calls are made, it is flexible enough allowing the caller to adjust it according to the needs of the potential client.
  • One does not need to sit wondering whether the campaign is effective or not, outbound telemarketing gives you results fast because you will either close a deal or not.
  • A small business might not have the budget to have a sales representative travel around the country promoting their goods or services so that outbound telemarketing will save on travel costs.
  • Outbound telemarketing frees up the small business sales team to focus on handling the closing of deals and other essential core business functions.

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