Car valet entrepreneurs clean up with record-breaking sales

With Autosmart franchisees “experts at identifying sales opportunities”, becoming a franchisee and running your own car valeting business could be lucrative

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Automotive cleaning franchise Autosmart is celebrating as its franchisees, who run showrooms and “mobile supermarkets” retailing the brand’s cleaning products, have broken company sales records.

The average turnover achieved by Autosmart franchisees has increased by 9% over the past year, while the number of sales taking place in each showroom has reached an unprecedented high – “the highest that we have ever known in the history of Autosmart”.

According to the car valeting brand, its recent success is thanks to three factors:

  • Firstly, the franchise has put in place a computer-based support system, SmartFIT, which the brand says “acts like a FitBit for your business” by providing up to date information on how it is performing compared to the goals set out for it. As well as saving time that would otherwise be spent on administration, Autosmart says that franchisees who use SmartFIT are growing two times faster than those still using paper records.
  • Secondly, in the last year the franchise has launched three new flagship cleaning and polishing products, and says that a staggering 100,000 litres of each product have been sold by its franchisees.
  • Thirdly, Autosmart attributes the year’s successes to the business nous and expertise of its franchisees.

Established in 1979, Autosmart manufactures and distributes professional vehicle and food processing cleaning products to trade customers across the UK and Ireland. It currently has a network of over 150 mobile supermarkets in operation.

Martin Jeffers, UK sales director at Autosmart, commented: “We’ve had another phenomenal year.

“Our franchisees are experts at identifying sales opportunities in lots of different industry sectors. Despite challenging market conditions in the U.K. Autosmart franchisees have enjoyed consistently strong growth since 2012.”

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