Meet the couple who who turned disaster into success through franchising

Too young to give up work but too old for employment, Steve and Jill Tubbs found the perfect business opportunity with OSCAR Pet Food...

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Franchisees Steve and Jill Tubbs are celebrating 10 successful years with OSCAR Pet Food, having joined after their “lives were turned upside down”.

Before coming across the OSCAR franchise opportunity the couple ran their own shop and filling station, which they planned to close and sell on in order to re-develop a new business. Unfortunately their plans failed, and the entrepreneurial duo were left without a clear direction.

Describing themselves as “too young to give up work, too old to engage in employment”, the pair soon discovered franchising – which would enable them to run their own business while still working as part of a wider network of branches and teams.

The duo were drawn to OSCAR, which supplies high-quality pet food to customers’ homes, due to their love of pets:

“We owned two dogs at the time and our business heads could not resist an opportunity which clearly matched our ability to deal with the public and an understanding of the retail trade.”

10 years later, the pair have enjoyed ongoing success – building strong relationships with customers, growing year on year, and developing their expertise through social media.

They attribute this success, in part, to the fact that they already had years of experience of working as a team under their belts, which they say enabled them to easily fit in with the OSCAR system.

With thousands of customers across the UK, OSCAR retails its range of pet foods via a network of local nutritional advisors: franchisees who offer a personal, bespoke service to pet owners in order to supply the best food to their pets.

Steve Tubbs commented: “OSCAR has allowed us flexibility and choice to control our own level of income. And after ten years Jill and I have reached a point where our business runs like clockwork.

“There are no bad days – it’s a fun business to run and we thoroughly enjoy shows and events.”

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