Home tutoring entrepreneurs named Global Franchisee of the Year

Joanna and Mark Butler became business owners of Tutor Doctor, Berkshire three years ago - they now work with 120 tutors...

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Demonstrating the business potential of becoming a franchisee, Joanna and Mark Butler – who went into franchising in May 2014 – have been crowned Global Franchisee of the Year for Tutor Doctor.

Awarded the title at Tutor Doctor’s annual conference in Canada last month, the husband-and-wife duo were recognised for their involvement in the development of their Berkshire franchise and for “piloting original schemes and implementing initiatives into the network”.

Already, the pair have built up a team of some 120 tutors who work with them and Tutor Doctor claims that within the first six months of trading, the tutoring entrepreneurs had become “the fastest growing franchise within the network, ever.”

In addition, the couple have been using their home tutoring start-up venture to support their local community by working with local councils in the Berkshire area to provide tutoring to children without traditional living arrangements:

“For the last year or more we’ve been helping children who aren’t in school for any number of reasons. These children can’t always be tutored at home so we put our tutors into schools and even children’s homes. We support the community by working with special needs schools and being as flexible as we can.”

Established in 2000, Tutor Doctor is a multi-national tutoring company which offers franchise opportunities for an average cost of £29,700 and enables aspiring tutoring entrepreneurs the chance to capitalise on the UK’s £6bn private tuition market.

On the experience of becoming a franchisee for Tutor Doctor, Mark Butler commented:

“Winning Franchisee of the Year was an incredible way to recognise our efforts but we wouldn’t be able to provide such a high standard of tutoring without our incredible team.

“Tutor Doctor have supported and encouraged us from day one, with training that set us up for an accelerated launch to 1-2-1 support and systems that keep us ahead of the competition. It’s a wonderful brand to a part of. We’re both so proud of our achievements and are excited to see what the future holds for us.”

To follow in the Butler’s footsteps and become a franchisee for Tutor Doctor, click here.

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