Investors ignore Brexit worries and see next 24 months as “ample opportunity”

A mere 9% of investors think that the onset of UK-EU negotiations has ruined their investment plans

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A significant number of UK investors believe the next two years presents an “ample opportunity” for investment, according to a report by Market Financial Solutions.

Their survey of 1,000 UK investors has revealed that 37% believe that the next 24 months, in which the UK and EU will negotiate the full terms of Brexit, is a good time for short-term investment – with just 9% believing the opposite.

While a certain degree of optimism exists, investors do appear to be altering their plans, with 30% considering using alternative finance to aid their new strategy – with 33% taking a solely short-term approach to investments.

With business rates set to increase by as much as 18% over the next five years, 37% of those surveyed see buy-to-let as an attractive investment, with 45% now more open to other investment classes because of low interest rates.

Paresh Raja, the CEO of MFS, said:

“UK investors have spoken loud and clear, signalling their intent to continuing pursuing investment opportunities during the two-year Brexit negotiations that are now underway. However, this research reveals that they are doing so with a more short-term and open-minded mentality, as investors seek different investment types to secure returns before the true effects of Brexit set in.”

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