Could you help empower LGBT+ entrepreneurs in business?

Fill in Aston University and the University of Sussex’s online survey to help the growth of LGBT+ entrepreneurs in the economy

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Researchers at Aston University and the University of Sussex (UK) are conducting an online survey to better understand the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) people in business and enterprise in the UK.

The study is being funded by the British Academy and will be used to inform practices that enable the growth of LGBT+ entrepreneurs in the economy.

It is one of the first studies to go beyond LGBT+ discrimination or being ‘out’ in the workplace to focusing more on wellbeing and behaviour, such as being authentically yourself as an entrepreneur.

The researchers are particularly looking for more responses from LGBT+ people who own and run their own business, social enterprise or consultancy – either on the side or full-time.

They want to get as much representation as possible from the LGBT+ community and, although it is UK-focused, are also keen on hearing from LGBT+ people in other countries.

The survey takes around 15 minutes to complete and you will have opportunity of winning a £50 love2shop voucher. It will be open until end of May 2018.

The research team behind the survey

Luke Fletcher is lecturer in human resource management at Aston University who specialises in understanding what engages people to give their best at work and how they can express that engagement in the workplace.

Nick Theodorakopoulos is professor in entrepreneurship development. Nick’s work centres on how to best enhance the innovation and growth of small businesses, particularly those that represent diverse or minority groups.

Ben Everly is senior lecturer in organisational behaviour at the university of Sussex. Ben focuses on how businesses can best harness the power of diversity and inclusion, particularly of LGBT+ staff and leaders.

Fletcher commented: “Successful businesses know how to harness the personalities and identities of their owners. We want to enable LGBT+ entrepreneurs to be themselves, to be authentic, and to be enterprising.”

Aston University is developing a programme of research around LGBT+ empowerment, entrepreneurship and leadership. Its aim is to enable LGBT+ people to thrive at work and in business. You can enter the survey here

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