Recruitment software tool that rates ‘culture fit’ of candidates raises £130,000

Based in TMRW in Croydon, ThriveMap has recently landed US giant Dolby as a client and will use the fresh funds to build API integrations

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ThriveMap, a recruitment software tool that rates the ‘culture fit’ between job candidates and potential employers, has raised £130,000 worth of investment.

Backed by Belron, the start-up was a winner of the Belron Drive accelerator and Lmarks early stage investment fund.

Aiming to help organisations make better hiring decisions, ThriveMap sets to differentiate itself from personality or behavioural tests by using a proprietary survey and algorithm based on “cutting edge research” to best assess how a job-seeker will fit into a particular team or company.

Founded in London in 2015, the start-up currently operates out of Croydon-based workspace TMRW and recently landed US giant Dolby as a client.

ThriveMap says it will use the fresh funds to build API integrations, drive market awareness, and pursue a “ground-breaking new feature”.

Chris Platts, CEO of ThriveMap, said:

“We are very excited about this latest round of funding and are grateful for the support we have received from Belron, LMarks and our angel investors.

“The experience and expertise our investors bring is invaluable as we look to work with more customers that care about culture fit when hiring.”

Nick Burton, head of digital and innovative technology at Belron International, said:

“The team behind ThriveMap has built a truly innovative and intelligent technology, which helps tackle the problems companies face when building teams.

“Having seen the results of ThriveMap when deployed within a global company like Belron, we’re excited to invest in their business.”

Daniel Saunders, chief investment officer at L.Marks, said:

“ThriveMap have built an impressive tool that measures and accurately predicts culture fit when hiring.

“This addresses a growing market of culture concsious companies and tackles many of the problems companies face when looking to improve hiring accuracy.

“ThriveMap’s unique assessment, combined with Chris and Mark’s vision for the business, makes this an attractive investment opportunity.

“The team’s successes to date working with the likes of AOL and Belron make this investment particularly exciting and we’re looking forward to working together in the coming months.”

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