Seniors Helping Seniors named one of the top 10 home care groups in the UK

The franchise brand, which was a finalist at the Startups Awards 2017, is calling on entrepreneurs to run care businesses as franchisees in its network

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Seniors Helping Seniors, the home care franchise that matches older carers with less-able elderly people, has been named one of the top 10 home care groups in the UK after just five years of operating in the country.

The franchise brand was awarded the accolade by care review site during its 2017 Top 10 Home Care Provider Awards, which are based on the customer reviews posted on Seniors Helping Seniors’ current review score on the site sits at an impressive 9.9.’s director, Davina Ludlow, has said that “Seniors Helping Seniors has proved that it provides a high standard of care throughout its organisation”.

Meanwhile, the franchise attributes its success in part to its carers, who are “always doing the very best job they can”, and its supportive office staff. The brand also recognises the impact that its clients have on its growth, claiming that clients are often keen to recommend the brand “at every opportunity”.

This isn’t the only awards programme to have acknowledged the success and social impact Seniors Helping Seniors is having. Just last year, owners Christian and Sally Wilse were shortlisted for the Franchisee of the Year award at the Startups Awards 2017.

First launched in the UK in 2013, Seniors Helping Seniors has accrued 20 years’ experience providing care internationally. It aims to fix some of the problems posed by today’s ageing population by giving elderly people flexible and valuable work as they provide vital companionship and care for their less-able counterparts.

Now, the franchise is calling on entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to open care businesses as part of its network, with a goal of offering elderly clients “flexibility, full support and peace of mind”.

Christian Wilse, head of Seniors Helping Seniors, commented:

“A National award is great because it shows how many people we are helping. The elderly people we support are based in Kent and Middlesex currently with more locations coming. Their families live all over the world and more often than not its the families who take the time to reference what they have found to be special about us, so others know that elderly care can be a great experience.

“We are keen to share our unique way of working with anyone who feels they could be ready to make a difference to elderly care in their own locations. There are clients and carers waiting in every town in the county. We’d particularly like to hear from people who are thinking of starting a business in South East and East England.

“Our care model is great fun to run and it’s a lovely business. I don’t think elderly care and fun are words people would expect in the same sentence these days, but it’s true.”

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