Virtual tech consultancy Brainbroker lands £150,000 in investment

The start-up will use the funds to develop the technology required to manage projects and freelancers at scale

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Virtual tech consultancy Brainbroker has raised £150,000 in funding from Jenson Funding Partners.

Founded by Larry Kotch, Jonathan Lemer and Sebastien Shaw, Brainbroker offers consultancy to small businesses using a network of freelancers and launched in 2016.

The start-up will use the finance, which were provided from the Seed EIS fund, to develop the technology required to manage projects and freelancers at scale, with John Bish also announced as a new director of the business.

Paul Jenkinson, Jenson Funding Partners, said:

“We liked the team, the business concept, vision, the future growth plans we see a huge opportunity in Brainbroker’s new consulting model.

“Companies wishing to develop their digital initiatives will finally have a highly effective yet affordable service and we feel that Larry, Jonathan and Sebastian can build a company we will be proud to have supported”

Kotch said:

“We are really excited about this investment it’s a huge vote of confidence about our model, progress and vision and we feel the funds will helps us build out our unique approach to digital consulting.

“Our aim is to enable thousands of small businesses to successfully complete projects in areas like web development, digital marketing and data science but without many of the drawbacks associated with traditional consultancies, agencies and freelancer platforms.”

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