88. PleaseCycle

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Founders: Ry Morgan and Anthony Ganjou
Founded: October 2010 (launched November 2011) 
Website: www.pleasecycle.com

A Startups 100 winner in 2012, PleaseCycle continues to enjoy success with its unique corporate scheme helping employers to motivate staff to cycle to work and reap the benefits of a healthy and happy workplace. The company’s innovative ‘BikeMiles’ programme rewards employees for every mile they cycle with incentives such as additional holiday time and discounts at retail outlets, as well as playing to their competitive side with company-wide competitions and leaderboards. PleaseCycle’s breakthrough moment came last year when global conglomerate Reckitt Benckiser signed up to use the scheme, and the company now has around 20 clients using its Cycle Hub system. One such client, international media giant Aegis Group, is launching the company’s product in 10 offices around the world this summer – marking the moment PleaseCycle goes truly global. The company have also announced the launch of a sister product, Stravel, which will allow users to record walking and running trips to work, and the founders say they have already had a number of clients pay to use the service upon launch. 

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